September 20, 2018

Fall 2018 Is Upon Us

     This is my favorite time of year here in Texas, especially around our little home and the Lake.  Most of this summer the lake level has been dropping, and dropping.  At one point a few weeks ago it was 39 feet low from full lake level.  We have gained about a 4 to 6 foot rise from some heavy rains North of us which flow down the Rio Grand River and ultimately into our 'Falcon Lake'.
      Pictures speak louder than words.  Here are a few.


September 17, 2018

Good Morning September 12, 2018

A lovely day here in Zapata, TX. We've had quite a bit of rain in the last few days and Falcon Lake is rising. That is good, because it's been pretty low this summer. The farmers south of here need to irrigate their crops so tons and tons of water from Falcon is drained and runs south to the Valley. Mexico needs irrigation, as well and water from Falcon goes to those crops too. George is excited with the increasing depth, as are all the fishermen. More water means more places to fish, and the lake isn't so muddy. So my hubby will get out on the water, as soon as the rain stops. We all know, he loves to fish. I'll go with him one day soon. I don't fish, but I have a Kindle and a camera, so I keep busy. I've a lot of photographs of the landscape from our pontoon's point of view. Mostly dead trees sticking out of the water. Mesquite trees are plentiful in this part of Texas. When the Rio Grande River was dammed up 60 years ago, the water spread and formed Falcon Lake, which is about 30 miles long. The mesquite trees' "ghosts" are still reaching from their roots out of the blue water toward the blue sky. Once in a while, one sees a sleeping indigo snake wound around a tree branch. They scare me to death, but they are harmless and protected, I believe. Back to my blog. I'm going to try to make a go of having a blog, since I am a published writer now, I must have a blog, right? We'll see how it goes. George has a blog and he's been trying to help me get this thing started. Forgive the amateur look. We are working at perfecting it. I'll try to have a picture or two, as well. Have a nice day. God bless and keep all of you well.

September 02, 2018

My Fish Shed

     I don't have a garage, I don't have a big house, but I do have a "Fish Shed".  A short time ago I decided I needed a small spot to hang my rods and some spare tackle out of the wind, dust and sun.  After looking and looking I could not find anything tall enough so I improvised a bit.  This rubber maid unit would work if I didn't use the floor and if I would extend the height by adding a base.  The base I added to the unit raised it all by 14 inches and allows just enough room for my 7.5 foot rods.  My tackle bags sit nicely in the bottom and do not block the hanging of the rods.  A couple photo's of the boat cover too. 


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August 29, 2018

Falcon Lake Launch Sites

     It's not funny, but rather practical at 73 years of age to tell ones Spouse where you are launching for fishing here on Falcon Lake.  Info included can be who you are going with or who is going with you or are you going alone.  Before I hook the boat up or take off for the outing I let Kathleen know.  Today I may go out of the 'Horse Pasture', Tomorrow I may go out of the 'Beacon'.  If it is going to be a really low wind day I may head out from the 'State Park Landing' or if it's windy I'll put in at the '$50.00 Spot' or perhaps the 'County Landing'. 

     The big Bass Boat crowd have only a couple of launch sites, especially when the lake is low like it is now.  It is 39 feet low as we speak.  Choices for the big boats are, State Park Landing if you can dump off the bank ( 4 wheel advised) or the county landing.  Me, regardless of the water level I can launch at them all.  Gotta love my small boat, and I do.  My favorite's are the Horse Pasture, or the $50.00 Spot.


Random Photo's

     Bass Fishing Partners Boat ( Foy Green )


















     Horse Pasture

















     Horse Pasture Launch Site


















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August 28, 2018

Catching Up -- Entry 1

     I have read and reread that last entry in our blog from 2014 and as I sit and think about all that has transpired I am not sure I can do justice with blogging and posting pictures of all that has taken place with our lives the past four years.  The more I think about it I may just do a piece to touch briefly on each year with a few pictures and then just take off with the present happenings and our future thoughts.  The last thing I want to do is bore our followers with old news.
     Before beginning any thing it would be best to start with where we currently are.  Why we are here.  What we are doing, and then perhaps work back-words. 
     I would encourage any of our new followers to go back in the 'Archives' and click on the various years and months to get a taste for what we have always felt was a fairy tail journey in our motor coach which we fondly referred to as the 'Tininthewind'.  It was 2006 that we began our journey and blogged our adventures.  From 2006 to 2014 we didn't hold anything back.  We blogged about the good, bad, ugly, and ups and downs as they took place.  The pictures that we added to most postings usually told the story better than our writings did.
     OK, Here Goes:
Where Are We Now
     We have our beloved 'Tininthewind' motor home up for sale on a consignment lot in Northern Washington and have settled in to our new to us Park Model Home  on our leased lot at the Amigo Inn RV Park in Zapata, Texas.  Zapata Texas is located in the upper reaches of the Rio Grand Valley nestled along the Rio Grand River which as you know provides the border between Mexico and the U. S.  Fortunately back in approximately 1947 a dam was constructed to create a lake called "Falcon  Lake'.  Falcon lake is some 30 miles in length with many fingers of water projecting into both Mexico and Texas.
     Makes sense, doesn't it.  We spend the bulk of our working life raising our boys and living along the Mighty Mississippi River and now in the twilight of retirement we settle along the Rio Grand River.  The one common denominator is "Bass Fishing".  

Missing for four Years

     Our last entry was in April of 2014 I believe.  Hard to imagine all the water that has passed under the bridge in the past 4 years but with a little bit of time and a bunch of entries we may be getting the itch to catch up on our life story.  We never did have a lot of followers but the few we did have let us know that they missed hearing from us.  Lets see if we can't get things restarted.