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February 12, 2012

A Cool Rainy Day

seven lbs ten ounces

















     It is cool (43) this morning and raining.  The one shown is 7 lbs 10 oz and was one of many caught yesterday.  We have been having some cool wet weather lately but the fish have continued to be active.  The females are full of eggs and have been or will spawn very soon.  Days like this with the cool and rain are good for regrouping and working on tackle, rods, and reels to get ready for the next trip out.  Looking ahead at the weather we are to be back in the 80's in a few days.

     This area of Texas has been having an extreme drought so any rain is welcome.  The desert cactus are about to bloom and this rainy period happens just in time to support that event.

     The Falcon Lake Resort here in Zapata is a commune of those who like to fish.  The boats range from fancy bass boats to aluminum walleye boats, flat bottoms with small engines, and then of course mine---a two seat inflatable pontoon with only a trolling motor.  There are approximately 300 sites here in the Resort.  The sites vary from just a grass pull through site with enough room for the RV and a place to park the car and boat, to a more permanent structure such as a 5th wheel next to a cement patio, or even a mobile home either single or double wide.  The winter residents come from all corners of the country but for sure there are more Minnesotans than anyone else.  I suspect that the bass fishing is the biggest draw but there are those who fish exclusively for catfish or crappie, both of which are abundant.  One fellow from Iowa, one street over, has his smoker going full of catfish almost every day.  People walk or ride bikes for exercise throughout the park and clusters of folks visiting or exchanging fishing stories can be seen everywhere.  Most people seem to know me, I suspect because of my unique boat, and will always stop to talk if I am outside working around the 'tininthewind'.

      We have approximately six weeks left here and look forward to every day. 




This is What Its All About
















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