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January 24, 2012

Soon Moving On

     Our stay here at Fun-n-Sun RV park in San Benito will come to an end one week from tomorrow.  We will be heading back to Zapata, Texas and the lake for fishing.  It has been a very pleasant stay here in the lower Rio Grand Valley as we have been able to leave the windows open and just let the nice breeze blow through the 'tininthewind'.  Zapata is located in a more desert sand type of landscape and the blowing sand and dust will force us to run the A/C and keep the windows closed.  The lot we have with the view and the fishing are huge draws but the blowing dust really sucks. 

     This has been our third winter here at Fun-n-Sun and we will leave behind many friends that we have become acquainted with.  As long as we don't commit to anything too permanent in Zapata I guess we can always work in a stay in this area during coming winter seasons.

     My fishing buddy, Teri and his wife Corinne have alerted us that a water front site has just come available and we may well end up passing on the one we have now and seeing if we can swing a deal to acquire that one.  The couple who has it for sale has a 5th wheel on it and wants to include that in the sale.  That is something that we would not be interested in.

     Our nomadic life style has grown on us and neither of us are sure we are ready to settle for just one place to return to year after year even if the fishing is the best to be found.  We have many RV friends who have secured semi-permanent lots to return to each year but then say that they envy us being able to go where we please on a moments notice.

     I think the best thing for us is to wait till the kids are threatening to take the keys away before we put down too permanent of roots.

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