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December 28, 2011

"Thats Life"

 Happy New Year   



      It is that time of year that I like to reflect on the wonderful life style that Kathleen and I have.  The beautiful places we have been and those that are yet to come.  We are truly thankful that we are able to do what we do, as we explore this beautiful USA.  I further am grateful to live in an age when the technologies available to us can challenge the mind and encourage us to do things we never dreamed possible.  The following is a slide show with sound that I experimented with the other day.  I thought I would share.  If the sound is too much for ya, you can always mute it.  Ha.


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December 13, 2011

Photo Shoot

The Author Being Photographed


















     The photographers showed up right on time.  The publishers of the book wanted photographs of the Authors showing them at work at their computers or typewriters to use as the promotion of the book continues over the next couple of months.  Maybe I should back up a little and give some background explanation!

     Kathleen belongs to a writers group here in San Benito.  Over the course of last year they put together an anthology of stories that they have written.  The publisher has selected 78 stories and poems from 20 some writers into a book that will be titled "Tuesdays Pieces".  Kathleen's contributions to the book include 3 stories and 2 poems.

     Here is just one of the professional reviewers comments on the book:


"The authors have given me gifts that are priceless by asking me to review their book.
> They swept me to places Ive never been and left me with a yearning to go there.
> Through their stories and expertise in writing, I felt all kinds of emotion: joy, sadness, happiness, excitement, love, romance, as well as pleasurable childhood memories filled with adventure, kindness, family unity, work, and an appreciation for that which money can't buy: faith in a Higher Being and love of family and friends.
> Above all, the authors have inspired me to write about my wonderful family including my extended family and the many wonderful people that have come into my life throughout the years.
> As I write this I can hardly wait to get a cup of hot chocolate, curl up in my favorite chair with SugarPlum(our cat) on my lap and once again enjoy my journey thru so many places and feel the experiences all over again!!"

County Commissioner Edna Tobaya
      As I mentioned in an earlier posting on the blog, we came to San Benito for December and January so Kathleen could participate in the festivities leading up to the publishing and release of "Tuesdays Pieces". There have been some book promotions already and more to come. As far as Kathleen is aware the book is scheduled for release and available for purchase in mid January.
     Folks this is a big deal!!!!  Kathleen is now a published Author and I couldn't be more proud.
Published Author Kathleen Brosius

December 03, 2011

We Have Moved

     We pulled out of Zapata, TX. and headed for San Benito, TX in the lower Valley.  This will be the third winter we have spent time at the Fun-n-Sun RV Resort.  It was difficult to leave Zapata and for me the fishing on Falcon Lake.  I spent my last day out on the lake with my new Bass Buddy, Teri Reynolds, and what a day it was.  We boated 26 Bass in half a day of fishing and they were all quality fish.  Following are just a couple of the pictures we took.





















Teri Reynolds Urbana, ILL



















     We are already enjoying out familiarity with the San Benito area, and of course the Resort.  The pool and hot tub are second to none and we have always enjoyed spending time there.  The traffic is a little heavy at times but knowing how to get around now makes getting from here to there easy.  The restaurant choices here verses Zapata are huge.

     We will be here through the holidays but plan to return to Zapata and more fishing Feb. 1st.

     Kathleen is busy with her writers group already and I have been busy trying to polish and clean the 'tininthewind'.  The dust in the Zapata area from the constant wind and sandy nature of the landscape are one of the only negative features surrounding the Falcon Lake.  Fortunately the fishing far exceeds the negativity.    

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