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November 13, 2011

Bass Fishing Buddy

6 lb Fish


















     I have met a bass fishing buddy here in Zapata and we have been out in his sleek Gambler rig several times now.  Teri Reynolds and his wife Corinne hail from Southern Illinois around the Urbana area.  Terry and I bounced around the same Bass Fishing circuits in our prime days but I don't think our paths ever crossed in a tournament.  We have had fun discussing and reliving those days by telling each other story's as we are fishing.  Teri is highly talented with pitching and flipping a jig and that is how we have been catching most of our fish.  My elbows and "tennis elbow" have taken a toll on me so I am taking a few days off from fishing, although I must admit I went crappie fishing this morning and came in with 18 beauties.

     Teri took the above picture of me and a nice 6 lb fish.  It is nice to finally have someone capable of taking a picture and sharing his boat as my fishing alone in my little boat meant no pictures.  I hope in future trips out on the lake with Teri that I can get some video of his rig and some pictures of him fighting a fish or two. 

November 03, 2011

November 2011 Update

     Where did October go?  We have been busy, busy.  We spent a very hot month of October at Four Seasons Resort here in Zapata and because we like the area so much and the fishing is fantastic we probably came down a little too early, as it was extremely hot.  In the 90's every day and the nights did not cool down much.  I caught a lot of nice fish but my biggest so far is still 9.1 lbs.

     It is now Nov. 3rd and we have moved to Lake Front Lodge Resort just a couple miles from Four Seasons Resort and an explanation is in order.  As mentioned above we like the area very much and have been looking around for something a little more permanent.  One of Katleen's requirements was to have a water view and be as close as possible to the water.  We lucked on to a site that had just become available do to the previous lease holder having health issues and not being able to return.  The site is now ours on a permanent basis.  We can do what we want with the lot as far as improvements go or structure but for now we like our life style with the Motor Home and will leave putting a park model or something like that for a future date.  We may do a storage shed and expand the cement patio next season but for now we like it just as it is.  Our neighbors, both sides and behind are very pleasant so that is a plus.  I am just minutes from launching my boat as the Resort has multiple boat landings.

     We will be leaving here and going down to the Valley (San Benito, TX) for Dec. and January but will return to our site here in Zapata for Feb. and March before returning to Wisconsin/Iowa and family visits.  Kathleen and her Writers group have some functions taking place in Dec. and January and she wants to be part of the celebrations.  I am sure she will be writing and explaining more about that as it occurs.  I am all for taking a couple months off from the fishing as my elbows are taking a beating from all the casting and hook setting.  Not that I am complaining, mind you!

     Following are some pictures and some links that are worth looking at to give you a sense of why we like it here so much.



Lake as seen through our front window


















Our Site A-22 


















Me fishing out front of our place


















My Little Sea Eagle Pontoon Boat


















How I trailer my little Boat


















Looking up at our Site from the water below


















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     Here are some Links that you may find interesting.


Web-site of a guide I know here on the Lake:  http://falconlakeguide.com/blog/ 


Web-site of Local Tackle shop and their fishing reports:  http://www.tackleandrods.com/lake/flash.htm 


Short Video of biggest fish I caught yesterday:  http://youtu.be/Ef_gdSS34YU


Little longer Video taken around our pad in Zapata, TX:  http://youtu.be/OVNEzfgsVIg


     It is difficult to take a photo of the fish I catch when I am alone on my boat but I have mounted a movie camera on a "lazy susan" and hope to get some pictures of fish during the fight and netting.  The one little video you saw above is my first try at giving you a look at the fish.  This fish hit so close to the boat I had no chance to turn the camera on but hopefully my video taking skills will improve.

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