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May 31, 2010

Memorial Day------Remembering

Painting of P-38 Fighter















     As Kathleen mentioned we are in NW Washington within easy driving distance of our Boys and their families.  We have been enjoying getting together with them and especially the hugs from the little ones.  We had a picnic of sorts this Memorial Week-end in between the rain drops at our Motor Coach (tininthewind), and after everyone left it is time to reflect how fortunate we are and remember for a moment those who "Gave All" and are giving their all even as we speak!

     I reminded of course of the ultimate sacrifice that so many have given, including my Dad.  They gave all and never returned.

     The above painting was of a P-38 fighter plane such as the one my dad lost his life in during WWII.  I had a painter from Ohio paint the above image and for many years I had it mounted on the side of my semi-trailer for all to ask questions about as I criss-crossed the USA.  He actually painted a mirror image so that I had one on both sides of the trailer.  I received many questions and comments as I traveled along via the CB radio.




Lieutenant George E Brosius 1923-1945


























      Lieutenant George E Brosius, 1923-1945




My Mom and Guess Who




















     My Mom and Guess Who?




     Today is a day to remember all those who are serving, have served, and especially those who
"Gave All."  I especially want to remember my Dad, Lieutenant George E Brosius, 1923-1945,
WWII, Lost somewhere in the Philipinnes, June of 1945.  We never got to know each other
accept for a few pictures, as I was only 3 mo. old when he went missing.  The following song is a
tribute to him.  I took the liberty to change a few words from the song by Billy Ray Cyrus 

"Some Gave All"  Click on the following link to listen to that Song!

                                         Tribute Song

May 18, 2010

What? Am I Bored?

George and Kathleen

















Those of you who are worried that retirement will bring days of boredom, and nights laying awake, planning on how to re-arrange your furniture -- sell everything and move into a motor home. This, of course, is what George and I did.

We spent two winters in Mexico, and this past winter, we enjoyed the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. In our travels, we not only were introduced to new friends and different foods, we were awed by the beautiful and diverse landscapes of North America. But this you already know.

This year is almost ½ over and yesterday I finally had some time to do some deep cleaning. Let me lead you through the past three months:

The end of February we packed up and left Texas. Branson, MO was our first big stop. For ten days we were out and about every day seeing the sights. There are lots of great things to see and do in Branson.

On to Iowa. Finally, we pulled into Sunshine Acres outside of Waukon. Thanks Jim and Alyce for holding that perfect site for us. Everyday there, we drove to La Crosse, WI for doctors’ and other appointments, and to Garnavillo to visit George’s mom. We spent a few nights at Goose Island County Park by La Crosse, for quick access to further appointments, and back and forth to Iowa to see Mom-in-law, Betty.

Finally on April 20, we were on our way again, this time Seattle was in our sites. An excited traveling companion accompanied us. We invited Betty to travel with us. We enjoyed showing her the beautiful sites along the way. Although she is slowing down a bit- she’ll be 87 years old on May 31, she was an easy one to travel with and was always prepared to help with chores.

Our boys and their families were waiting to greet us on our arrival in the Seattle area. Having not seen their grandma in some time, they were delighted in delighting her during her visit. She loved spending time with her great grandchildren. Picnics and lots of show-and-tell filled our days. Sadly, the time came to say our good-byes. Grandma Betty flew back to the Mid-west on May 10. George and I were glad to have our limited space fully returned to us, but we were happy to have had the opportunity to provide Betty with a little wish come true vacation.

We continued to drive back and forth to visit our kids. Being close to them for the summer will keep us busy and entertained. Our four grandchildren: Zak and Ellie; and Mason and Maddie will be with us quite a bit. Their parents, Scott and Angela, and Billy and Heidi, will follow us around with their tents whenever they find the time.

When I do sneak a few minutes of leisure time, I like to write a bit, or read a good book. Television is usually on, to catch news and weather. We both have a couple of favorite programs. We seem to never get bored. A ride in the car on an unfamiliar road, or a visit with a new neighbor can occupy lots of time. Our humble home on wheels gets cluttered quite easily. I spend the mornings tidying up. It doesn’t take a lot of work. Before one knows it, its time to button things up and say good-night. Or it might be time hit the road again.

I better make good use of my few days off here at Lake Sawyer. The kids may show up anytime. Bring it on.

By Kathleen M. Brosius

May 17, 2010




George's Mom-Betty
















Snoqualmie Falls, WA















Fort Casey Ferry, WA















Fish Lake in Cascade Mts, WA















 Pine Squirrel Buddy full of Peanuts














Fish Lake















Scott and Billy with Grandma Betty 
















Brosius Family
















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