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June 21, 2010

Fathers Day 2010 is Special

Bill and Scott Making FD Special















     There isn't a father anywhere who could be more proud than I of my Son's.  There lives are well established, there contributions to society are all positive, and they, as fathers themselves, are having great success at raising (my) four wonderful grandkids.  We were fortunate that we could all get together on this Fathers Day 2010 and enjoy each others company. 

     We were planning our little gathering to be at the Thousand Trails Thunderbird Resort in Monroe, Washington where we currently are but the weather would not cooperate so we shifted our plans and headed for Bill, Heidi, Mason and Maddies house in Renton.  That was a good call as it rained steady most of the day.

     Not every father gets a pair of underwear for Fathers Day and can laugh about it but as you will see in one of the pictures they did have a little fun with me.  The big question was---"will they fit grandpa?"

     We all had a great time and look forward to the rest of the summer and each others company.  Oh, did I mention how proud I am of my two Washinton Families.




That should cover my "Bass"















Grandpa holding Court















Grandpa's girls, Maddie and Ellie















Grandpa's Grandson's Mason and Zak















Hugs All Day---Gotta Love Em'















Adults getting food ready













June 08, 2010

Summer May Be Here

Kathleen here,




Beautiful Flowering Bush















Summer May Be Here



Beautiful blossoms are covering lots of huge bushes. On every street, in front of every home. Too bad all the rain that we have been having is forcing the delicate petals to the ground. Kind of like the peonies back in Iowa and Wisconsin. Everything else is lush green and growing. We are enjoying our summer in Washington State.


Being close to our kids keeps us busy. We want to see them as much as we can. We were happy to be able to see Mason and his school mates play at sports. Heidi asked if we would like to join her and go to a track meet. Mason and his pals ran their hardest all afternoon. Their school colors won some matches. Mason was a team player in the relay races. We were so happy to be able to watch and cheer his team on and we could tell that he was pleased to see his family sitting in the stands.


The following week, we moved to another RV Park. Maddie celebrated her 7th birthday on June 4th and was promised a party at our park the following day. We had a grand time. First thing on the list was to check out the swimming pool. The 64 degrees temperature didn’t stop anyone from jumping in. Well, it stopped a couple of us. Look at the following photographs and you will see who the brave ones were. After days and days of steady down pours, the sun came out on our party day. The 3rd time we saw the sun since the 1st of May. This is the Northwest and it rains until, well about now.


After the pool party we all came back to the coach and enjoyed our fill of barbeques and birthday cake. We played games on the computer, drew pictures on tablets and played with Maddie’s new stuffed birthday animal pals. We loved having them all day long. We were missing a few family members though. Being there is very few sunny days this time of year, Scott and Angela had to stay back at the boat and get caught up on some sailboat maintenance. We will be seeing them real soon.


Oh, I can’t forget to mention the two fellows in the hot tub. We had to coax them out to join us.




Mason at Track Meet















Maddie, Grandpa and Mason















Maddie's Birthday















Geroge and Billy in Jacuzzi













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