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April 28, 2010

Missing-----but, Catching Up

     It has been some time since we posted to the blog and we have been catching some heck for it too.  Thats OK cause it lets us know that there are actually some who care.

     We spent the winter of 09/10 in the Rio Grand Valley in the area of San Benito at a nice 5 star RV park called 'Fun n Sun'.  We truely enjoyed our stay there and will perhaps return this next winter if we can get the same deal.

     We slowly made our way from the RGV to Wisconsin for our Physicals and of course to visit significant others.  We both got a clean bill of health and that set the stage for our being able to head for the North West and a much needed visit with our Son's and their families.  It has been about 11 months since we were last in their area.




Mom and Me with Fish Lake in Background
















     We decided to invite my mom (Betty), pictured above, who will soon be 87 to travel west with us as it has been several years since she has seen her grandson's, Bill and Scott.  The four little great grandkids have grown so much she will probably not know anymore who is who. 

     We have made this trip west a slow lazy adventure to give her time to enjoy the scenery and also not to make it too taxing on her.  Quite frankly she is wearing the two of us out. 

     We are currently at one of our favorite Thousand Trails Parks just outside of Leavenworth, Washington.  This little Cascade Mountain Town is all about a Bavarian Theme.  It's setting is in a spectacular location with snow capped mountains all around and a beautiful river running through it.

     I have used this four day stop to clean some of the road grime off the 'Tininthewind', and catch up with my little pine squirrel buddies.  It took all of 10 minutes to have one little fellow climbing up to my shirt pocket and stealing peanuts from within.





My little Buddy
















Leavenworth, Washington
















Fish Lake outside Leavenworth















     We promise to do a better job of posting to this site so don't give up on us.  With the lousy weather down South it was a long winter and not a lot to write about.  Lets hope that changes for the coming summer and following winter.

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