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March 26, 2011


     I know two 'Snow Birds' who headed north way too early.  There will be changes made to the migration pattern next season for sure.

     We are in Branson, Missouri at 'Treasure Lake RV Resort' which is right in the center of town and very close to all the activities that Branson has to offer but in spite of its location one feels as though you are in the deepest part of a Forrest.  There are several sections to this park and our favorite area is about as far back on the property that one can get.  Our favorite site was available and so we grabbed it on our arrival.  We always unhook the car from the 'tininthewind' and drive through a park to pick our site.  We wanted this site so bad that I had Kathleen sit and guard it while I returned for the coach.  Shoot----we have been here for 3 days now and haven't seen another camper in this part of the park.  That definitely says we headed north way too soon!

     This morning about 4 a.m. it started raining quite heavily but now as I look out I am seeing a little white mixed in and sticking on the ground.  Bummer

     We are planning on leaving here in about three days so guess we will just take what comes as we continue heading north.

     The following are pictures taken on our walk yesterday.  Note how crowded it is!  Way off in the distance you can see the 'tininthewind'.




Lonely in these parts















Way off in the Distance






















































March 23, 2011

Migrating North

Stopped for Lunch















Ozark Mountain Setting in Arkansas















Lunch Time















     Like all 'Snow Birds' we are traveling north with the changing season but I must admit we are not literally 'flying along'.  The weather reports from the 'old home area' are still a little iffy.

     We thoroughly enjoyed our travels today through the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas and decided to stop mid day for a snack at a nice little roadside pull off.

     Our destination was Branson, Missouri for a short stay as we evaluate the weather further on 'up' the road.  We are at Treasure Lake RV Resort in Branson and have a beautiful site right in the middle of town but about as secluded in the forest as one can get.

     We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants here.  A waiter comes out from the kitchen area and begins throwing fresh hot rolls to anyone who wants one.  It was fun to watch Kathleen standing and egging the waiter to throw to her.  She caught two, one for each of us.  I was wishing I would have had the camera.

     Even though it was a beautiful warm spring day on our arrival here today, the low by morning is to be about 34 degree's.  I think this is far enough north for now----don't you?

March 11, 2011

Incredible Zapata, Texas

Point where I have caught many Bass















     We still have a few more days of our stay here in Zapata, Texas at the Four Seasons RV Park and it will be sad to see our short stay coming to an end.  This has been an incredible stop in our wandering RV life style.  I have mentioned the fishing which is and has been spectacular and hopefully in the next couple of days I get a chance to set the hook on a few more nice Bass, Crappie, or Catfish.

     What I haven't had a chance to mention is the friendliness of the people we have met and the help we have had with a few minor problems we encountered.  Our first friends made was our immediate neighbors, Jerry and Carole who have already left to return to their home in North Texas.  Coming over next to introduce themselves were Jim and Nancy from behind us.  To the left side of us was an elderly gentlemen named Bob who came out as I was backing in and expressed much gratitude that I would be supplying much needed shade for his patio.  He was only here for a couple days and has since left.  Just beyond Bob is a delightful young retired couple traveling almost full-time in a pick-up camper type unit who are here to fish.  We compare notes every day about the fishing and the technique for catching them.  They are fun to visit with.  Jerry, before he left told a friend of his, Dale, that if he was going out fishing alone he could ask me to go with, as I would be good company.  Guess what----minutes later I was gathering my gear as Dale came by to ask me if I would like to join him.  I did, and we had a great day on the water fishing for Crappie.  Kathleen and I have since had a chance to get to know Dale better and his charming wife Lynn as well.  We are joining them for breakfast in the morning and then Dale and I will be going out fishing----this time I think for Bass.  Oh, and did I mention that Dale has one of the nicest Bass Boats on the Lake with a 200 HP motor.  Dale and his wife have been coming here for several years and have a permanent mobile home site for their 6 month stay before returning to their home in Colorado.  Dale has already offered me the use of his golf cart trailer so I can haul my little boat to different parts of this lake when we return for our stay next winter.  I will for sure take him up on that.

     Yesterday on return from fishing in my little boat for some reason one of the aluminum brackets that hold my trolling motor mount in place broke.  Without this repaired I would be done with the fishing.  I set out this morning to find someone who could weld/repair aluminum and even though this town is about 4,000 in size, I had a devil of a time.  On one of my final stops at what appeared to be a back yard mechanics little shop I met Trejo, a retired mechanic who fixes things in his back yard for friends.  He assured me that the last two people in town who could weld and repair aluminum had died, however, he and his wife were going shopping in Laredo (50 miles to the North) and he knew of a fellow there who could repair it.  He offered to take it with, get it fixed and call me on his return.  He did just that, and I am now back in business.  Cost $10.00.  In the course of our conversation he asked about my boat and expressed concern that I would venture out in such a small craft and before I departed he was offering me the use of his boat any time I wanted it.  I thanked him and said next winter when I come back here I would take him up on that but only if he would go fishing with me.  That brought a huge smile to a deeply tanned face and a few Spanish words I did not understand.  His firm handshake said, 'we are friends for whatever is left of our lives'.  Several other couples have stopped by to welcome us as they are out and about on their evening walks. Jim and Barb who have a permanent winter site some blocks away stopped by and brought me a sample of the baits he has been using to catch huge crappie.  We have an invite to stop up and visit them if time permits before we leave. I wish I could remember all the names of others but will just look forward to getting to know them better next winter.

     Our stay here so far has been incredible and I see no reason for that to change in the few days we have left.  Much to soon we will be heading North, but the minute we are rolling in that direction we will have a lot to look forward to. 

     Gosh, this retired lifestyle of ours is fantastic!

P.S.  put your cursor over the pictures to read the caption.




looking back toward town















Another great point to fish















Just about to return to our harbor













March 05, 2011

Falcon Lake at Zapata Texas

     We pulled out of Fun-n-Sun at San Benito Texas on March 1st and headed 90 some miles NW along the Rio Grand River to Zapata Texas to try some fishing for a week or two on Falcon Lake.  Yes---that Falcon Lake--- where the guy from Colorado was shot and killed on the Mexican side of the Lake while he and his wife were on jet skis some months ago.

     I do not have any intention of going over to the Mexican side of the lake even though most of the big time Bass Tournament Fishermen have once again started fishing the Mexican side.  My little boat powered by only a trolling motor would never make it, unless the wind blows so strong that it blows me in that direction

     I have been researching the fishing reports from this lake for some time now and with us being so close I could not resist giving it a try.  The reports are unbelievable with it taking somewhere from 45 to 50 lbs (five fish limit) to win a tournament on this lake.  It has been a well kept secret how good this lake is for Bass Fishing but word is starting to get out and a drive through town shows many Bass Boats parked here and there.

     Now those of you who know me, know that my Tournament Days and Prime for fishing Bass are well behind me.  I like to say----I had my day, but no matter the age factor, or physical condition, I still have the desire.  I now carry in the 'basement' of the motor home a Sea eagle Fold cat Two Seat Pontoon boat powered by a 55 thrust trolling motor.  I can't go far and its size and stability place some limitations on what I can and can not do, but I have to tell you.  It has made for a lot of fun.

     Pictured below are a few pictures of me and my little boat.  The first picture Kathleen took through the windows of our Motor Home as I launched off the bank in the cove near where we are parked at the Four Seasons RV Park in Zapata, Texas.



Taken From Motor Coach















Fishing the Mesquite Bushes















Fishing a Point with Brush















     I fished for about 4 hours my first day here and the following are some pictures of my the catch I kept.  There is one a little over 5 lbs, two around 4 lbs, and two around 3 lbs.  Yes, I kept these for a few meals.  I did catch a few others but released them as the daily limit is 5, and must be 15" or over.  Mine were well over 15".



Nice 5 lb Plus











































     My second day out I fished a point where I had caught a couple of nice fish the first day out.  I boated 20 plus fish off this point in a little over 5 hours.  Most were 3 to 5 lbs.  Yes, I also lost some and of course the big ones get away.  I had a blast.  My problem, it is difficult to take pictures of the fish when I am alone on my boat.  I tried hanging them but my boat is just small enough that as I move around on it, stability becomes an issue and I really don't want to go for a swim.  Also the true size of these fish are hard to capture but I am working on it.



Attempt at self photo--missed















maybe this will work















hung, photo, then release 5 lb.















     The quality and quantity of the fish that one can catch with little effort here on Falcon Lake is unreal.  While I did keep the initial 5 that I caught on the first day I have been releases all that I have caught since.  While cleaning those 5 fish I had a chance to talk to a couple of guys cleaning approximately 42 lbs of Crappies----all in the 2 lb range.  Hard for me to give up Bass fishing to catch crappie but with fish like that I may have to give it a try.

     We will be returning to Falcon Lake next winter, "The good Lord willing and the creek don't rise."  I feel like I have died and gone to heaven!  If Saint Peter will let me near a computer in the coming days I will post more results and pictures.

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