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March 18, 2007


     Getting close to Nature is always a thrill.  We were returning from an afternoon visit with Kathleens Brother Jim and his wife Alyce.  We decided to swing by a favorite summer spot of ours and see what it looked like in the winter.  There are acre's and acre's of public area here and many spots that we will be able to "boondock" with our motorhome and we are anxious to be able to do that this spring.  It is within a stones throw of many of my favorite bass fishing spots and I am anxious to try out that new bass boat this spring.  I could almost bet you right now that come June you will be seeing pictures of us parked in this area and pictures of the bass boat getting a work out.

Eagle Fishing



Pool Slough









     It wasn't but a blocks distance when we came upon an eagle fishing.  He was obviously in his favorite spot as we stopped the car within 50 feet of him and he just ignored our picture taking as he continued to scan the water for fish. It helps that this is an area that does not get much traffic and is pretty remote.  I can't wait to spend a few weeks back here!



eagle fishing




Eagle Fishing











Deer Twins



Deer Twins












     We have made several drives this winter when Kathleen was feeling up to it but this one was especially memorable as a lot of it was through the area that she grew up in.  The pictures from above were taken where she roamed and played as a little girl, growing up in the river bottoms with her brothers as her dad commercial fished the area.  They had a summer shanty in this area and she and her family had it mostly to themselves.  It will be very nostalgic to return with our motorhome.

     We have taken many pictures this winter and if your computer speed will handle it you may want to check them out.  Click on this link....pictures.... and you can enjoy them all. 

     Spring is just around the corner.  I can feel it!!!!!   















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