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March 28, 2008

Walk in the Desert

Heading out
















Little Geko















     We continue to take our walks and when we can to safely head off in the desert is always our choice.  We know that we have to be cautious as there are some deadly critters that call the desert home so we are vigilant.  The desert flowers are coming to life and many are blooming, especially the cactus.  We saw a lot of tracks that were both coyote and small deer hoof prints.  We came up on a few quail type birds that were some sort of prairie chickens as they were larger than quail.  It gets warm very quickly and the sun is very intense and it is fun to try and imagine someone lost in the desert and what they would have to do to survive.  For sure it would be a challenge, and one we would not welcome.




A road to nowhere
















game trail













































































digging out a den


















bone fragment

















a whole lot of nothin
























































March 27, 2008

Did She Do It?

Kathleen You Wouldn't
















The Tandem Duo















     Kathleen has been known to take a little risk from time to time.  There has been more than one occasion when her loved ones, especially her kids, have been shocked to learn of her exploits.  Crawling through a tunnel beneath the plaza of an ancient city with only inches to spare on any side of her body for about 100 feet and then discovering that the exit was blocked.  Riding along in a car with a sinister looking fellow in the back seat who you just picked up hitch hiking who was carrying a shotgun on one shoulder and a burlap bag on the other while driving across Belize.  Or the time she cut out on foot alone across the desert near Oaxaca Mexico, looking for the ancient remains of a fort and was apprehended by some stone quarry workers.


     Now what would her kids say if they found out she went sky diving?  Probably the same thing I said!  No Way.


     We did have a great afternoon visiting one of the country’s most popular sky diving schools and demonstration sites at Eloy Arizona.  Sky Dive Arizona is the largest sky diving resort in the world.  There were literally plane after plane full of student, seasoned, tandem, and team jumpers leaving every few minutes and our field of vision was full of colorful parachutes crisscrossing the sky and one after one they would land within feet of us as we lounged in our chairs as spectators.


     Spectators we remained, so boys, this is one time mom kept both feet firmly planted on the ground.
































































March 26, 2008

Casa Grande Arizona

RoVers Roost Escapee's Casa Grande Arizona
















Home for a Couple Weeks
















all over the place















     We are now at the Escapee RV Park just west of Casa Grande Arizona.  We have had our membership to Escapee’s for over a year and for the first time used one of their Co-op parks in Yuma Arizona and had a great stay for three weeks.  We attended several Park functions at the club house and enjoyed the pool and hot tub.

     This Casa Grande Escapee Park is very similar in lay-out but does not have a pool or hot tub.  The organized functions and scheduled activities that one can participate in here are numerous and varied but we rarely find time for most of them.  The snow birds are leaving in droves and there are many sites available in the rental pool.

     It is always a treat to get to know our way around a new area.  As was Yuma, Casa Grande seems easy to navigate.  There are a lot of good restaurants and all of the major stores for shopping, as the population is about 25,000.

     We plan on leaving the coach on site here for a few days as we fly up to Seattle to get our spring grand kid fix.  When we return from there we will begin to look toward our making it a little further North.  It is very comfortable here in the South West and heading in to the cold does not rank high on my list of favorite things to do.

Our Pad
















Our Pad














































March 20, 2008

It had to Happen

     I knew one day it would happen.  I am surprised that I managed to get by as long as I have without it happening.  I still can’t believe I let it happen.  Where was my head, what was I thinking.  Obviously I wasn’t thinking, my head wasn’t attached, and I was caught up in the moment.


I went swimming at the pool today and so did my cell phone! 


     I put my sunglasses, towel, book to read, reading glasses, keys, etc. on a lounge chair by the pool.  Stepped under the shower (required before entering pool) and boldly walked down the steps carefully hanging on to the railing right in to the pool.  It wasn’t but a minute later and I felt this vibration throughout my, ah—mid section of my body, and I was thinking, wow—I should go swimming more often!  When I came to my senses I realized I had left my cell phone in the pocket of my swim trunks and the sensual vibration I was feeling was that feature you use in a theater, not in the pool.  It had shorted out real good.

     Of course one hopes that the sun will dry it out and all will be ok, but the reality is that rarely works.  Ironically I had stopped at the Verizon Phone Center to have them upgrade the software in my phone just two days ago as it had been giving me a little trouble.  I had inquired at that time to see if I was eligible for a phone upgrade and was informed that I was.  Today I went back looking a little sheepish but I now have a new phone—same number.  Now if I can just reconstruct all the numbers I had in my old contact list.  If you don’t hear from me it isn’t cause I don’t love ya—its cause I can’t remember your number!


March 12, 2008

Foot Prints

One step at a time















     On our morning walk today we decided to go outside the RV Park in to the Desert which is virtually all around us.  Our purpose was to photograph the Flowers and Cacti that are prevalent and some in bloom.  After all it is well in to the Spring Season here.  Around the entire RV Park is a beautiful brick wall approximately 4 feet in height and a stunning display of Cacti from the region front it.  Wish you could have heard the birds as they are so vocal here.  Everything and everyone seem so happy, especially us!  Go ahead and click on the slide show below to see what we enjoyed this morning.

Enjoying the Walk

                                                   Slide Show

To "Go" or To "Be"

Glen & Brenda Leaving















We “Be” still in Yuma Arizona at the Escapee RV Park till March 18th and then I am not sure where we will “be”.  We will just check the temperature and find what suits us and then head there.

     Our good friends Glen and Brenda pulled out this morning as they have to “Go” home to Campbell River, BC.  Jean and Al left a few days ago, Brian, Olga, Gerry, Margaret, Barry, & Marion all will have to “Go” before the month is out, to park their rigs, open up the house and settle in until it is time to head south again next October/November.

     You see, with this full-time life style of ours we don’t have to “go” home, we “be” home.  It is true that we do still refer to the area of the U.S. that we used to have our stick house as home, and we always will, but it sure is nice to just “be” home no matter where we are.


March 06, 2008

Yuma Arizona Escapees RV Park

Our Pad















     When we first arrived in Yuma Arizona we booked in to the Fortuna Del Oro RV Park.  A moderately priced park with some 800 spaces.  We decided we would give this park a limited try as one of the couples we had made friends with in Mexico was already there and what the heck, a little extravagance we deserved.  We have now moved. We try when we can in our full time life style of RVing to use our membership parks and therefore home for the next one or two weeks will be the Yuma Arizona Escapee Park.

     Yuma as you would expect is a popular destination for the “snowbirds” and there are RV Parks of all shapes, sizes, and pricing plans.  In addition there seems to be RV dealers on every corner.  There is also a huge outdoor market that is geared to the snowbird and their RV needs.  We will no doubt spend several days just checking out the merchandise as there are a few items we would like to add to our RV life.  This is the time of year to be buying as vendors are closing out for the season since most snowbirds will be headed back north in a week or two.

     This Escapee Park is small by most standards in this area, with 154 sites.  It is a warm and friendly atmosphere which is exactly what Escapee’s are noted for.  There is an excellent heated pool (86 degrees), and a hot tub that is very nice, a clubhouse, laundry, and planned activities throughout the week.  We have 50 amp electric, and water with sewer hook up.  There is also cable TV for those who desire it. 

     While we continue to enjoy getting re acclimated to good ole’ American food we will have a great place to hang out here at the Yuma SKP Park.

Our Pad

March 03, 2008

Home Sweet Home--USA

     We are now in Yuma, Arizona.  Our trip from the La Penita RV Park in Mexico was a little over 1,000 miles to Yuma and for the most part it was uneventful.  We traveled with Alan and Jean MacHardy our good friends from Cambell River, BC Canada.  The hi-ways leading north for the most part were pretty good but there were times when we had to dodge a few pot holes and navigate some detours as hi-way construction was under way.

     We passed through two military check points and were simply waved on through.  We also were subject to a couple of agricultural checks as not unlike some of the checks in the states, as you passed between states in Mexico they too wanted to be sure you were not carrying fruit or vegetables that would be unapproved.  The inspector who checked out our refrigerator made note that we had his favorite type of coke (diet) and of course we offered one and he accepted.  He also noted that we had some of his favorite cookies on the counter, and again we offered and he accepted.  With a smile and a wave we were on our way.

     Three couples who are also close friends of ours left a few days before we did and are also here in Yuma.  We have gone out to dinner together and will continue to enjoy each others company from time to time before each departs for their respective homes.  There is a lot of foot dragging going on by all as for sure it is still a little cool the further North you go.

     We are enjoying Yuma and getting reacquainted with good ole’ American food, driving on hi-way lanes that could have more than one car, a donkey, and perhaps a bicycle side by side, and side streets that are as smooth as a baby’s bottom (no cobblestone).  Not that there is anything wrong with that”.

March 02, 2008

Leaving La Penita RV Park

     It hardly seems like four months have come and gone.  It seems only yesterday we were researching the possibility of taking our new RV to Mexico and through that research discovered an offer on a web-site run by Dorothy and Bill Bell.  The offer was to lead a small caravan of travelers, (30 rigs total) to the La Penita RV Park, managed by Carole Thacker from British Columbia Canada.  There were two caveats to the offer.  First you were required to attend a presentation by Dorothy and Bill Bell about the trip and traveling in Mexico. The Second was that you were required to book in to the La Penita RV Park for one month.

     I have written/blogged for four months now about our experiences here in the RV Park and the surrounding area and I know that many of you have shared in those experiences through our writings and pictures.  What you have not been able to share in or experience are the life changing friendships that we have been privileged to make, or the endless beauty surrounding us on a daily basis.  You also have not been able to hear the sounds of strange birds, or the sound of crashing waves as they come ashore, or sense the friendliness of the Mexican people and even more so the workers hired to tend to the Park.  You also unfortunately were unable to taste the true Mexican dishes that we so often sampled while kicking off our shoes and digging our toes in the sand. 

     Kathleen and I are so grateful that we acted on Dorothy and Bills offer.  We thank Carole Thacker, manager of La Penita RV Park for not only accepting us for the one month that we initially committed too, but also then allowing us to stay the season.  This has been an amazing experience to have been part of what is probably the friendliest most active RV Park in all of Mexico.

     No matter where we travel in Mexico or park our rig in the future we will fondly remember this winter of 2007/2008.  


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