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December 22, 2010

A Week in December, 2010

Is This the Bird of Paradise










Kathleen here, December 22, 2010



From the Sands of Iwo Jima to a sunset on the Gulf, then the blush of The Old Man in the Moon. Yes really, this is what we saw this past week.


Over by the Harlingen, Texas Airport there is a Memorial to fallen Marines from all the wars fought since November 1776. The statue stands in a small park across the street from a WWII museum. This statue is the sculpture that was used in casting the famous “Raising of the Flag at Iwo Jima“ Marine Corps Memorial in Arlington, VA. One can study each face of the five Marines and one Navy Corpsman. The intricate work of the uniforms and facial expressions were carefully crafted using the three survivors of Iwo Jima as models and photographs of the three who were lost in battle. We watched a video about Iwo Jima and walked through the museum dedicated to the United States Marine Corp. We left with heavy hearts but hearts also bursting with pride and gratitude for the soldiers who fought that battle and all battles.


The following day we drove over to South Padre Island and watched the sun set with our friends Bill and Margaret. We never seem to get enough of seeing that old orange ball sink into the sea. We were not  the only ones enjoying the sight. A pelican was also mesmerized.


On the night of the Winter Solstice, the early morning hours of December 21, I beheld a beautiful sight. The total lunar eclipse - so far away, so straight up in the sky. I pulled out our binoculars and camera and watched and watched. I couldn't leave until the moon was completely in the Earth’s shadow. The moon darkened and as the Earth moved along its orbital path casting its shadow on the surface of the moon, the dazzling white orb took on an orange hue as if it had been dipped in a cup of dye. The night was darker for a while. To the east of this fantastic display, I saw the constellation Orion. We are too far south to see the Big Dipper which points to the North Star. I miss that. On crisp cold dark nights back in Wisconsin, I could easily pick out this constellation as I looked toward La Crosse. The North Star was always where it should be.


We will soon be in Seattle where one cannot easily enjoy viewing celestial bodies, but the joy of spending Christmas with those we love best will far out weigh our week of site seeing. 




Famous Statue at Harlingen, TX















Close up of Statue















Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico
















Total Eclipse of the Moon















We wish all of our readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. God Bless all of you.

December 04, 2010

Winter Home 2010 / 2011

Our Pad at Fun-n-Sun Resort















     Fun-n-Sun Winter Texan Senior Resort or whatever you want to call it is where we will call home for the next three months.  This is a RV mini-city with approximately 1500 sites which will mostly be full some time between Christmas and New Years, but for now there are a lot of empty sites.  Our little community is gated, streets have have appropriate names such as ours, (Restful), and others like, (Quiet), etc.  All the streets are paved.  The sites are grass with cement pad, walkway and reasonable room between rigs.  There are literally hundreds of huge palm tree's waving in the breeze.

     Last year was a cool/wet winter and in spite of it we enjoyed many days at the huge outdoor pool/hot tub area.  This year the weather has been fantastic so far and the long range outlook is for a more normal Rio Grand Valley Winter and we are excited to experience it.

     There are so many things going on in this park that one has to study the Activity Book daily so as to be sure not to miss something desired.  I have signed up to use the wood-working shop this year and spent some time there today.  I have many projects in mind and hope I find time to accomplish just a few of them.  There is every tool imaginable which will make my projects very enjoyable.

     We are hearing of the snow and cold back in the old home area of the mid-west and are ever more grateful to just be where we are. 

     We will be flying to the Seattle area to spend Christmas with our Boys and Families.  We look forward to being with them but will be anxious to return to our 'Tininthewind'.

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