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November 22, 2010

Fish for Dinner Tonight

Bill with 36" Bull Redfish















Bill and George Sharing the Moment















     Bill McNew, my fellow full-time RV traveling friend has been fishing the intra-coastal waterway here in Rockport.  Bill is one who rises early in the morning and spends many mornings fishing.  Sometimes when I get up at the crack of 9 or so I drive out to join him.  This morning, I didn't and Bill finally caught what we have been fishing for.  The fish is a 'Bull Red', about 36" and 25 lbs.

     We are planning to have Fish for dinner tonight as Margaret (Bills wife)  and Kathleen will do the honors. 

     While driving back from the cleaning station and having the fillets on ice Bill and I joked with each other-----figuring with the licenses, tackle bought, and bait for each day this one fish is probably worth about $40.00 a serving for tonight.

     It better be good.

November 13, 2010

A Month Along the Intracoastal Waterway
















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Kathleen here…

 Ah, Texas. The soft breeze, the blue sky and white clouds above, the Great Blue Herons and Egrets, the blue, blue ocean with its white waves rolling in, and so much more to describe what we see each day. My windows are open and I am enjoying the evening breeze. We are happy here in our RV Park. The Lagoons is what it is called. A very nice, well kept park. It isn’t full yet but December will bring many many “snow birds” south for the winter.

Rockport is on the Intracoastal Waterway. Way out on the far horizon one can almost see land which is part of the long long Padre Island National Seashore which runs from South Padre Island at the Mexican border way up to Galveston. A beautiful strip where there is a wildlife refuge, waterways great for fishing, and beautiful areas for picnics and beach combing and just looking at the view.

George has been fishing everyday. He runs to Walmart every evening for something he either lost or needs: fishing poles and baits. Two good friends, whom we met while work camping in Washington State, spend winters down here as well. They are parked in the same park right now and Bill and George are lovin’ the fishin.’ None on the table yet.

Margaret and I have joined the boys for the afternoon/evening fishing trip. We have packed picnic lunches and hauled lawn chairs along. The sunsets are beautiful. Dophins chase after their supper right in front of us. A big old turtle has surfaced a few times and lots of little fish jump around. We have seen other fishermen try to bring in big red fish. They always get away.

We drove into the woods to view a 1000+ year old Life Oak. You will see its picture.

Come on down!




Egret and Friends enjoying Texas











George and a hungry Pelican waiting for a bite

















Great Blue Heron















Beautiful Coast of Rockport


















1000 Year Old Live Oak
















 Margaret and Bill McNew














November 01, 2010

Lagoons RV Resort--Rockport, Texas

Our Site for November--Rockport,TX















Very Nice RV Park for Extended Stay















I think we are going to like it here.















     We have landed for the month of November at the Lagoons RV Resort in Rockport, Texas and are very happy with our site and what we see of the park so far.  We are about 100 yards from the indoor swimming pool and activities center.  We have met two of our closest neighbors, both of whom have been coming to this park for the last 5 years and speak highly of it.

     We have visited this coastal town approx. four times in the last two years and really like the area.  This month long stay in the RV park is to see if we would like it long term for the winter months rather than continuing on with the Rio Grand Valley and San Benito.  This area is much more laid back from a busy traffic situation and much easier to get around in.  The park lacks some of the frills that we have become accustomed too at the Fun-n-Sun Resort in San Benito, Texas so we will have to see.

     One of the big pluses to Rockport area is that the winds are generally lighter than they are in the Valley and most everyone says they put their awnings out and have no concerns.  That is something that was difficult to do in San Benito.

     Kathleen just came in from sitting outside and reading on her new Kindle.  She reports it is a little 'close'.  I take that to mean a little warm and humid as we don't have any immediate neighbors as yet.  It is currently 89 degrees and a bit humid but a big thunderstorm is rolling in for tonight and tomorrow so we will see how well our awning handles it all.  Temps for the next five days are to be in the mid 70's, more to my liking.

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