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January 23, 2011

Kathleen here...

I was inspired to write this poem after an experience I had when a colleague and I found a human bone fragment while working as archaeologists. The remains were reburied without examination or study.



I Met a Friend This Morning



I met a friend this morning.

And already we said good-bye.


He walked this land a long time ago.

And I have just walked by.


I found him as he slumbered.

He uttered not a word.


I spoke to him, as he lay at rest.

My voice, he never heard.


His name? I will never know it.

Nor will he whisper mine.


I’ll not understand his life on earth.

A spark that ceased to shine.


He has silently waited for my touch.

He has yearned for me to care.


I long to reach within his soul.

A deed I shall not dare.


So I will let him rest.

I will walk on until that day comes for me.


I will join him then in the cool dark earth.

Where we will speak and laugh and be….


Copyright by Kathleen M. Brosius


January 16, 2011

Winter Projects

     Kathleen has been participating in her writers group and other activities here at Fun-n-Sun RV park, our home for the Winter.  You have read some of her stories and hopefully will be reading more of her work in the future.

     I too, have been enjoying our stay here as this RV park has a wood working shop second to none.  There is every conceivable tool, saw, sander, drill press, lath, etc. etc.  More importantly my fellow wood shop companions are retired wood workers with talent and expertise that they are more than willing to share----just ask!  I have had a couple of projects that I have now completed and will share through pictures what they were.

     As some of you may remember from past postings I have an interest in working with "Diamond Willow" and have been making quite a few walking sticks.  Some of them I have even carved "Wood Spirits" on the shaft.  Some of the pieces of Diamond Willow do not lend themselves to making very good walking sticks as they may be too large in diameter or have an ugly bend or angle where they should be straight, etc.  If cut correctly some of those pieces do make nice "lamp shafts".

     In the following pictures you will see the very first lamp I made and now have completed.  I have several more in the works and will be enjoying the rest of winter here working on them.



Lamp Project 1

























































     In addition to the above project I wanted to do something with the TV situation in our bed room.  Above the washer dryer was one of those 200 lb huge TV's that take up a ton of space and space in our "Tininthewind RV" is at a premium.  That old TV occupied a huge area, residing on a lazy Susan type stand that pulled out of its cubby hole and then swiveled slightly so as to be visible from one lying in bed.

     I knew If I could remove all that bulk and simply mount a new "modern" slimline LCD TV on a "pocket door" overhead channel I could gain a heck of a lot of space for a new cupboard.

     The following pictures should give you some idea of the space gained and what the finished project looks like.  You can see on the left the pocket that the TV slides in too for storage as we travel and how it slides out when we want to watch it.  To the right of it is now a huge cabinet/cupboard with the Oak facing and door that I made.  You may also note that I trimmed the overhead track that the TV travels on in Oak.  Amazingly the Oak stain and finish matched pretty well with the surrounding original factory Oak trim and lower lattice doors which close off the washer dryer area.



TV hiding in its pocket















TV pulled out for viewing 














Looks and works Great















     Lets see-----other than some more lamps to finish, what other projects can I come up with?


January 07, 2011

A Simple Costume

Kathleen as Little Red Riding Hood



















 Kathleen here,


I have joined the Writer’s Group again this year. The first assignment: Write about a costume that you wore. I thought maybe you would enjoy reading it. Here it is…


A Simple Costume


I could hear the soft hum of the crowd’s whispering in the now dimmed gymnasium. Shadows moved behind the flowing crimson curtain that concealed the sprawling stage and the set, it held. I stood alone at the entrance to the newly built High School Gymnasium, built with pride for the school’s flourishing basketball teams. The floor, polished and gleaming, softly reflected the only light that came in from the lobby. My small shadow lay before me, eager to lead my march to the front of the auditorium.


A few weeks earlier, in Second Grade, I was chosen to be in the Christmas pageant. I was so excited and upon telling my mother, she immediately began planning my costume. She had recently purchased a beautiful white satin half slip. She retrieved it from her lingerie drawer and held it up for my approval. A wide trim of lace cascaded from the knee. When trying it on, the elastic waist band had to be pulled up to my chest; the lace at the hem just touched the floor. Perfect. Half of the costume was complete. Mama tucked her slip safely away.


We then planned a shopping trip to our nearest big city. Sears Roebuck would have what we needed. Although the weather threatened, we made the trip and found the perfect blouse. After studying several racks, we settled on a crisp white cotton blouse trimmed in lace. Lace bordered tiny pearl buttons that fell from collar to hem. The same delicate tatting peaked out from the hem of the collar, as well as the cuffs at the wrists. A tiny breast pocket, again trimmed in lace, was stitched onto the bodice. I was thrilled and loved my new blouse.


The costume was not complete. My hair would need to be styled just right. A pair of soft white gloves and white Patten leather shoes would accent the ensemble. Now for the remaining objects to illustrate who I was portraying: for this, we found some cardboard, an old white shear curtain, some wire, a long stick (Daddy whittled a twig into a manageable pole), string and tin foil.


Soon a perfect cardboard star covered in tin foil lay on the table. The twig pole was also covered in foil. Daddy figured out a way to attach the star to the end of the pole, then we commandeered him again into bending the wire into to two wing shapes. By bedtime, Mama and I had covered the wire wings with the material from the white shear curtains.


My costume was taking shape. By the evening of the Christmas pageant, I was ready. Mama had dressed me at home. The white blouse hung down to my waist covering the elastic band that circled my chest. I wore a tiny gold cross that I had been given as a thank you gift when I was a flower girl at my cousin June’s wedding. In the lobby of the auditorium, my wings were hung on my back with strings and an old cinch belt. My new white shoes peeked out from beneath the lace of my gown. My hair was drawn back and held in place by a rhinestone clasp. My bangs were freshly trimmed and Mama even let me wear a little pink lipstick.


There I stood waiting for my cue to begin my walk. I knew where my parents and my two brothers were sitting. I could not see them but they were there. As the curtain began to open, the lovely melody of “Silent Night” began. A choir on the stage was singing this most beloved Christmas Carol. My cue. I held high the cardboard star and proceeded. I proudly walked to the front and climbed the steps to the stage. Waiting for me were Joseph and Mary played by fellow classmates. Baby Jesus was played by a life size baby doll. As “Silent Night,” ended, I took my place behind the manger.


I have enjoyed dressing up for various roles throughout my life: fairies, witches and even Little Red Riding Hood on Halloween. My cousins Janice and Junie used to let me try on their prom dresses (the crinkly netting was so uncomfortable), but I felt beautiful in them. I was a flower girl, a bridesmaid, and a bride (My wedding dress was the most beautiful dress). But the first time I was ever dressed in costume was as the Angel, the Star of Bethlehem, who guided the shepherds to the Baby Jesus. A role I shall ne’re forget.

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