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September 29, 2013

We're in San Diego

Katheen here,

It looks like we’ll be leaving these parts this coming week. The drilling is all finished and the crew has moved on. Oil was found; everyone is happy. In the morning big trucks are coming to haul out the drilling rig. We’ve been told to wait here for our next assignment. (Somewhere close to Tilden.)

The first week here it stormed and rained hard. We hear that Falcon Lake is rising. That is great news. While at this site, we’ve come across several critters that are on my bad list. Not quite spiders and snakes but creepy for sure. I’ve tried to photograph some but they are fast little critters; they keep sneaking into our coach…one by one. The beetles are big, about 1.5 inches long, come out by the hundreds as soon as we turn on the outside lights. They are funny though: they can fly but when they want to stop they just fold their wings and fall straight down. They sit for a few seconds to get their bearings and then off they go. They have fallen on my head a couple of times. George spotted a long snake crossing the road about 200 feet from us. He didn’t get a picture. The brush must be full of evil varmints. What am I doing here? We’re in San Diego, TX by the way.

A few days ago a truck stopped to get logged out. I thought that he had a cougar caged in back. A yeowling varmint was angry and wanted loose. The driver jumped out wondering what it was. We looked beneath the truck and out sprang a little black and white kitty. He took off for the brush. Later he came out and meowed and meowed. I brought out some chicken and water and he gobbled it all down. Then he wanted to snuggle in my shoulder and hair. George said no! Don’t even think it! I looked after him all day and later in the night, one of the ranch hands came through. Sure enough, they were missing a kitten. He put up a fuss but we caught him and away they all went.

George has a bird friend…again: a genuine roadrunner. He’ll be writing a piece and adding some photos of the happy little guy. Wile E. Coyote should be somewhere out there.

Last evening we sat in the middle of our lonely road in our comfortable loungers and watched lightning flash in big old clouds just west of us. A lovely breeze was blowing so the flying bugs weren’t out. We watched the stars come out. I envisioned the cowboys of old bedding down by their loyal horses and trusty rifles. We spent a very pleasant hour under the stars in the middle of Texas.




Storms a comin' 





Storm Clouds




Dung Beetle




Beetles and Crickets living together




Almost as big as the cinder block

September 18, 2013

Working The Oil Fields In Texas

Home Sweet Home     Wow, it has been a while since I did a blog post.  I got a little burned out so Kathleen has posted a few.  I may now get back to adding some posts.

     A lot has happened since I was posting on a regular basis.  All Good.  We purchased an RV site and RV Cover on a nice corner lot in Amigo's RV Park at Zapata, Texas.  The fishing on Falcon Lake for Bass is fantastic and that kind of drove our decision.  Not to mention, but we like and enjoy the area.  On one of my future posts I will get some pictures up of our new digs.

      You may also remember from a previous mention that we got ourselves set up and licensed as Texas Security Guards last year and have been working as Gate Guards in the Texas Oil Field Area when work is available and we desire to give up the fishing and R & R for awhile.

      We are currently on a site at a Ranch near San Diego, Texas working entry and exit to a drilling rig.  Pretty light duty compared to the very busy site we were on last winter.  Between assignments we may even be able to return to our place in Zapata (to see if the fish are biting) which is only about a 2 to 3 hour drive from the oil area.

     This is a site that is somewhat ideal.  About two miles from town, not to dusty, decent road in and out, great people coming and going, and excellent support equipment set up for us.  We could stay right here long term if needed.  Did I mention, the internet signal is strong.

     The following are some pictures I took early this morning in between rain showers.

 Our set up




another angle




Toward the Well




Toward Town





generator fresh water and above ground septic




self explanitory





drilling rig off in distance


 Guard On Duty









































































September 08, 2013

The Train To Texas

The Train





Kathleen here,

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. Our RVing life has still been busy and we are still doing awesome stuff: like buying this pontoon boat the day before we are scheduled to leave for Texas. Isn’t it beautiful? It is a Mini Paddle King with a 10 horse motor, plus an electric motor and a trailer. All for the price of about a month’s worth of gate guarding. We are expected to report at a site on September 15.

We were in Lake Ozark, MO. for two days, leaving for Branson this a.m. We had dinner at my Aunt Betsy’s and enjoyed a nice visit with her and her good friend Jerry. Betsy is recovering from a wicked bite from a brown recluse spider, late last year. She looks pretty good but is still doctoring, with some extensive procedures to lick this thing. It was so good seeing the two of them.

We towed our jeep behind the motor home, and the pontoon boat behind the jeep. Quite a parade of units (as they call them) all the way from Northeast Iowa. Holding our breath all the way. We aren’t sure it’s legal to pull a car and a pontoon boat behind a 40 foot motor home. No one bothered us. When we pulled into Riverview RV Park in Lake Ozark, the owner came out, shook his head in disbelief then took some pictures. We hooked it all up again this morning and now we are in Branson for the night.

The temperatures are creeping higher and higher each day of our travels and it seems the further South we get the louder the cicadas. We have the A/C on, otherwise we would hear them all night long. Maybe later.

Tomorrow night we hope to be at a Thousand Trail Park east of Dallas. The following day we will be in Zapata. We are looking forward to spending a few days at our new site before we report to work in the oil fields. Don’t know where we’ll be sent but that is the great part of this kind of work. Always a surprise. For now, we are hoping that Falcon Lake has some water in it. It has been really low the last couple of years.

Nice talking to you. I hope that we still have some followers.


My Aunt Betsy and Jerry 





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