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The Train To Texas

The Train





Kathleen here,

I know, I know, it’s been a while. Sorry about that. Our RVing life has still been busy and we are still doing awesome stuff: like buying this pontoon boat the day before we are scheduled to leave for Texas. Isn’t it beautiful? It is a Mini Paddle King with a 10 horse motor, plus an electric motor and a trailer. All for the price of about a month’s worth of gate guarding. We are expected to report at a site on September 15.

We were in Lake Ozark, MO. for two days, leaving for Branson this a.m. We had dinner at my Aunt Betsy’s and enjoyed a nice visit with her and her good friend Jerry. Betsy is recovering from a wicked bite from a brown recluse spider, late last year. She looks pretty good but is still doctoring, with some extensive procedures to lick this thing. It was so good seeing the two of them.

We towed our jeep behind the motor home, and the pontoon boat behind the jeep. Quite a parade of units (as they call them) all the way from Northeast Iowa. Holding our breath all the way. We aren’t sure it’s legal to pull a car and a pontoon boat behind a 40 foot motor home. No one bothered us. When we pulled into Riverview RV Park in Lake Ozark, the owner came out, shook his head in disbelief then took some pictures. We hooked it all up again this morning and now we are in Branson for the night.

The temperatures are creeping higher and higher each day of our travels and it seems the further South we get the louder the cicadas. We have the A/C on, otherwise we would hear them all night long. Maybe later.

Tomorrow night we hope to be at a Thousand Trail Park east of Dallas. The following day we will be in Zapata. We are looking forward to spending a few days at our new site before we report to work in the oil fields. Don’t know where we’ll be sent but that is the great part of this kind of work. Always a surprise. For now, we are hoping that Falcon Lake has some water in it. It has been really low the last couple of years.

Nice talking to you. I hope that we still have some followers.


My Aunt Betsy and Jerry 





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