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We're in San Diego

Katheen here,

It looks like we’ll be leaving these parts this coming week. The drilling is all finished and the crew has moved on. Oil was found; everyone is happy. In the morning big trucks are coming to haul out the drilling rig. We’ve been told to wait here for our next assignment. (Somewhere close to Tilden.)

The first week here it stormed and rained hard. We hear that Falcon Lake is rising. That is great news. While at this site, we’ve come across several critters that are on my bad list. Not quite spiders and snakes but creepy for sure. I’ve tried to photograph some but they are fast little critters; they keep sneaking into our coach…one by one. The beetles are big, about 1.5 inches long, come out by the hundreds as soon as we turn on the outside lights. They are funny though: they can fly but when they want to stop they just fold their wings and fall straight down. They sit for a few seconds to get their bearings and then off they go. They have fallen on my head a couple of times. George spotted a long snake crossing the road about 200 feet from us. He didn’t get a picture. The brush must be full of evil varmints. What am I doing here? We’re in San Diego, TX by the way.

A few days ago a truck stopped to get logged out. I thought that he had a cougar caged in back. A yeowling varmint was angry and wanted loose. The driver jumped out wondering what it was. We looked beneath the truck and out sprang a little black and white kitty. He took off for the brush. Later he came out and meowed and meowed. I brought out some chicken and water and he gobbled it all down. Then he wanted to snuggle in my shoulder and hair. George said no! Don’t even think it! I looked after him all day and later in the night, one of the ranch hands came through. Sure enough, they were missing a kitten. He put up a fuss but we caught him and away they all went.

George has a bird friend…again: a genuine roadrunner. He’ll be writing a piece and adding some photos of the happy little guy. Wile E. Coyote should be somewhere out there.

Last evening we sat in the middle of our lonely road in our comfortable loungers and watched lightning flash in big old clouds just west of us. A lovely breeze was blowing so the flying bugs weren’t out. We watched the stars come out. I envisioned the cowboys of old bedding down by their loyal horses and trusty rifles. We spent a very pleasant hour under the stars in the middle of Texas.




Storms a comin' 





Storm Clouds




Dung Beetle




Beetles and Crickets living together




Almost as big as the cinder block

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