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August 05, 2011

We Are Not Lost

     Wow-- it seems like we have not made an entry in a long time and it has been awhile.  We have missed not being able to update our blog on a regular basis but we are and have been Volunteer Hosting at Andersen State Park just outside Port Hadlock/Port Townsend Washington and our internet speed has been terrible.  We have been barely able to get e-mail and even our phone service has been questionable with many dropped calls.  Last year when we were here we had very good internet and phone service.  Go figure.  Someone sure changed something at the local Verizon tower and we have been bummed about it.  Starting August 30th we will once again be where we will have good service and we will get back to posting our blog on a more regular basis.  I do want to post one picture before I sign off.

     Our two grandkids, Mason and Maddie have been with us most of July and will join us in a few weeks to finish out August.  They have been a delight to have around and sure have made the time pass quickly.




Mason and Maddie working with clay
















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