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November 30, 2008

Sunday Morning Breakfast

     Nine of us headed out for Breakfast this morning, most in separate vehicles, as there were different plans following breakfast.  Now, normally going in a group like that to a Mexican Restaurant is not a good idea because they have a one meal at a time preparation and serving mentality but this was to be a Mexican style Buffet at one of the better hotels in Rincon.

     The setting in an open outdoor area fronting the beach.  The view of the ocean and the waves rolling in on the sand is spectacular. 

     We had cooked to order omelette's with ingredients of your choosing.  Fruit plates with thinned yogurt ladled on top, your choice of flavors.  Pancakes with butter and syrup.  Some traditional Mexican breakfast dishes that I can't begin to pronounce.  Coffee, and or orange/mango juice.  It was all excellent, there was not a complaint by anyone except there was no Tocino (bacon).  Brian asked if we could get some bacon.  Shortly a full plate of bacon arrived, done perfectly, and when it was emptied, another plate full would appear.  I don't know how many plates of bacon we went through but most of us will be taking two lipators tonight!

November 26, 2008

Our Current Back Yard

     I know, I know, here we are in beautiful Lo de Marcos with the emphasis on the beach, ocean, temperature, fellow RV'ers, and our el Refugio RV park and I am going to show you pictures of our back yard but, hey, the whole surrounding area is wonderful.

     I was preparing skewers of local shrimp and vegetables (including pineapple chunks) on our grill outside when our neighbors Ken and Debbie told me to grab my camera as there were a couple of pink spoon bill type swans in the estuary just behind us.

     We have a chain link fence laced with vines and beautiful flowers behind our units and just on the other side of that is an attractive estuary that changes daily with the raising and lowering of the tide and the life that wanders there.  There is even cattle that frequents the area from a near by farm.  I took the following pictures standing in one spot, not more than 50 feet behind the 'tininthewind'.
















































just like Wisc. Happy Cows













November 23, 2008

Pot Luck Lo de Marcos Style

     The beautiful RV park here in Lo de Marcos is beginning to fill for the season as each day there are more and more units arriving.  The park is perhaps half full and by December 1st most if not all will have arrived.

     For those of us who are already here friendships are beginning to form as new neighbors are greeted as they pull in or introductions are made in passing.  Word was sent out through e-mail by Stephan that a "Pot Luck" was being organized and would be held at the two story palapa in section 'C'.

     I would guess you could count on one hand those who did not participate.  As is usually the case when a pot luck is held there was more than enough food, the dishes were as varied as the nationalities that were in attendance, and the quality was outstanding.  We are truly blessed in this park to have many superb cooks and I for one hope this has been only one of many "Pot Lucks" that will take place in the future.

     I was impressed that people did not just squirrel away in their own little groups but tended to mingle and want to meet and greet new faces.  I for one hope that as we go through the next 4 or 5 months everyone continues to want to make new friend ships, even though they may be only for the evening event.

     The fellow in control of the microphone and making announcements etc. introduced me and gave out the link to our blog and invited all to let their "back home" significant others know where they could access stories and pictures from Lo de Marcos.  Last year many family members sent me an e-mail letting me know that it was a treat to see pictures of "mom and dad", "brothers and sisters", relaxing and enjoying themselves.  I suspect that this year will be no different.  To those who do see the pictures and perhaps roll their eye's because "mom" or "dad" has a mike in their hands and is belting out a song at Karaoke night, remember one thing.  There is a smile on their face, they are in R & R mode, and have worked hard all their life so as to now be able to let their hair down a bit.  I can assure you that no one here is embarrassed by their actions, only grateful to be on this side of the sod and able to participate.  Rock on my fellow Lo de Marco park guests! 


                                            Slide Show

Revolution Day Lo de Marcos Celebration

Pride in Country















     We attended the Revolution Day Celebration in La Penita last year and enjoyed the festivities but were especially warmed by the open acceptance of us "gringos" and our cameras and this year in Lo de Marcos was no exception.

     As I moved through the crowd of locals with my camera children were anxious to pose and moms standing near by gave an encouraging nod with a smile as I pointed to my camera and then to the child.  No language barrier as they knew what I was asking.

     I noticed in Lo de Marcos more than I did in La Penita last year a greater significance given to the elders.  There was a queen and her court and a large contingent of elderly that I took to being grandparents all dressed alike and grouped together as the festivities progressed.

     There were fewer street vendors in Lo de Marcos but the lady with the grilled chicken caught our eye and I returned later in the day to purchase two (dose), medium (media), chicken (pollo), dinners to go.  Not knowing the words for "dinners to go" I pointed to the carry out bags hanging near by and then to my scooter which I had arrived on.  Along with a half chicken each we received grilled potatoes, grilled chillies, and grilled onions.  I must have miscommunicated as we had enough vegetables to feed half the park.  All for the grand total of $102.00 pesos or $7.84 U.S.  The meal by the way was excellent but not quite as good as "Kristina's" in La Penita.




Poncho Via Wannabee















looking their best















honored queen of Lo de Marcos
















pollo street vendor















     To read the account of Last years Celebration and more pictures in La Penita click on the link below.  Then scroll down to "Mexico Revolution Day Celebration".


                                                             Click Here

November 16, 2008

We are home Lo De Marcos MX

Site B3 Lo De Marcos Our Home


















Love our site


















Neat huh ?




















































     We made great time coming down to Lo De Marcos, some 1,000 miles from the U.S. border, and are now in the process of cleaning the dust from the 'tininthewind' and getting our pad set up to our liking as we will be spending a lot of time outside over the nest 4 months.

     Within 1 hour of arrival and dropping the jacks on the coach we were hooked up to 'Star Choice' TV and we had our computers linked to the WiFi and ready to down load our e-mail.  At this very moment I am watching the final "Race to the Chase" from Homestead Florida and preparing this blog.

     The weather is a little warm with the temp in the 90's and the humidity a little high here in the jungle at 68% but the A/C is keeping us comfortable inside.

     The flowers are beginning to bloom and there is a lot of green.  It is nice to have quite a bit of grass associated with our site.  We are going to be very happy this winter working on that sun tan and knowing we won't need a snow shovel.

     Evenings come quickly and we enjoy sitting out on our pad watching the moon appear and the stars begin to shine.......



beautiful evenings















November 12, 2008

In Mexico

     We are in Mexico for our second night after traveling south toward our ultimate destination, Lo De Marcos.  Our first day of travel found us leaving Yuma at around 9:30 and completing our paperwork at the border and continuing on our way around noon.  We then drove on from Lukeville heading southeast on highway 2 toward Santa Anna and our eventual hook-up with MEX 15 which would take us almost all the way to our destination.  We didn't press making Santa Anna and called it a day at Caborca, staying in a very nice Pemex (truck/fuel stop).

     This morning it was a relatively early start at the crack of 7:30 and our arrival at our days destination of San Carlos was mid afternoon.  As we entered the park we were greeted by two other couples who had arrived 45 minutes prior.  A little happy hour by all in the shade of a big tree was welcomed.

     Our group of eight (Margarett and Gerry connected with us last evening), went out to an excellent dinner in San Carlos this evening.  The eight of us will be leaving at 8:00 in the morning.  We really don't have a destination in mind for tomorrow night and will just call it a day when the spirit moves us.  Staying in Pemex's when in a group saves a lot of hassle with finding a suitable RV park.

     Our next blog will most likely be from our Pad in the RV park which will be our home for the next 4 months.  Both Kathleen and I are anxious to get set up and then have a lot of quality R&R time.

     Stay Tuned.

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