September 23, 2007

The Four F's


Keystone Ferry












     Sept 23, 2007  The four F's are the Ferry, Fort Casey, Fishing, & Forest.

Ferry     The ferry pictured above is the one we took with the Coach and car in tow from the Keystone landing to Port Townsend on the Peninsula.  The spit of land point that you see in the picture is the water edge of the Fort Casey RV Park and the campers and RV's are just out of the picture to the right.  We had plenty of room on the ferry with the motor home and car.  Getting off and on was no problem at all, in fact there was an 18 wheel semi truck on both sides of me.  When you clear the point of land that you see in the above picture the ferry makes an abrupt right hand turn and Port Townsend is immediately visible, about a thirty minute ride.  It cost us $53.00 in total to cross by ferry.  We could have driven around and accessed the peninsula from the south but I would guess to get to the place that we are now would have taken six or more hours and plenty of diesel fuel so the cost to go by ferry is well worth it.

Fort Casey      The RV Park at Fort Casey is a first come first serve type park.  There are only about  21 spots and those right next to the water are highly coveted.  We were on the inner circle but yet the scenery, sounds, smells, & location were all you could wish for.  We spent four nights there and could have stayed a month.  We will always look forward to returning.

Fishing     The Salmon are running in the Northwest and everywhere we go we see people fishing along a river or like at Fort Casey right along the beach not 200 yrds from the motor home park.  The King Salmon run is over but the Silvers, Cohos, and Pinks are plentiful and active.  I bit the bullet and bought a two day non resident license and gave it a good try.  I did hook a nice Silver and fought him about half way to the beach before he came off.  Later I had another one on for a few cranks but again lost him.  The law requires that you use barbless hooks so a little flaw in fighting the fish and the fish is going to win

Forest        Almost immediately after exiting the ferry at Port Townsend our path took us through the rain forest of the Washington Peninsula and the drive and scenery were spectacular.  Unfortunately we did not get any pictures as from time to time it was raining and places to pull off the road were few and far between.  Again, it is an area we hope to return to in future travels.

     We are currently at the Long Beach Thousand Trails park at Seaview Washington.  We will describe our stay here through pictures in a future blog. 

     Click on the word photo below to be connected to a picture album that is relevant to all that I have talked about above.  Enjoy!


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