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July 15, 2012

Salmon Bake Juneau Alaska

Salmon Bake in The Rain


















     Our first excursion off the ship was in Juneau Alaska and we chose to go to a "Salmon Bake In The Wood", rain or shine.  Need I say it was raining.  As I mentioned in a previous post this probably was the highlight of all the excursions in spite of the rain.  The setting was beautiful.  We arrived in the ole' standard yellow school buses and were treated to quite a laid back event, far removed from the uppity hoop-la of the huge cruise ship.  Maybe that is why I felt so much comfort.

     I have included a short video of the outing and hope you enjoy.  The setting, food, and everything associated with it were awesome.  Click below to see.      


                                                               Short Video

July 03, 2012

Alaska Cruise






































     Our cruise began by us leaving early in the morning of June 22nd for a drive to Vancouver Canada from the Seattle area so we could stay in a hotel overnight and be prepared to board our ship, Ms Zuiderdam about mid day June 23rd.

     The boarding of the ship was confusing as we were herded here and there to complete various processes prior to boarding.  We had spent a lot of time on the computer during scheduling and completed numerous pre-boarding forms but alas that seemed all for naught.  Once we complied with all, we were again herded in to a large room with chairs so tight together that only half of my bu_ _ fit (yes I know I have a big bu _ _),  We were told the ship was not ready to board and we would be called by rows in about 45 minutes.  The lady beside me decided she wanted the half of the seat that I already didn't have and we had quite a bu _ _ fight.  No it wasn't Kathleen, and no I didn't enjoy it.

     Once released from there we headed for the "gang plank" to the ship itself.  I had studied the deck floor plans and knew right where to go to find our stateroom.  This was a pleasant surprise as the room was very nice and our checked luggage was already there.  Opening two large deck doors and one could go out on the Veranda to sit and enjoy the scenery that was soon to be as we passed by.

     I should add here that we drove in rain to Vancouver, slept with rain falling all night, boarded the ship with rain falling, spent the next seven days with it raining most of the time, and loaded back in the car for the trip back to the "tininthewind" in the rain.  The drive back to the Seattle area was probably in the heaviest of rain we had seen all week.

     In spite of the weather the scenery was spectacular at every turn.  We did three shore excursions.  The first in Juneau was a salmon bake out in the rain forest at picnic tables.  Now you would think I would be complaining about that-----not-----it was probably the highlight of the trip.  I hope to put up some pictures and just blog about that in a future posting.  Our second excursion was a 40 mile or so narrow Gage train ride up a mountain out of Skagway that basically followed the route that the 'gold stampeder's' took in search of that Klondike Gold.  The ride was in rail cars with huge windows and again the scenery was awesome.  Our third excursion was a cultural tour of some of the highlights of Ketchecan.  This was enjoyable but for the most part a bus ride with the driver pointing out where so and so was shot and buried, etc.

     Food on the ship itself was to die for as there was literally anything and everything your little ole' heart desired.  No doubt the 'heart' took a big hit on this trip.

     I must confess that I am one who suffers from motion sickness at the drop of a hat.  This big boat was no exception.  I spent four out of the seven days on the ship just on the edge, and one night way over the edge.

     This was a once in a life time experience, with the emphasis on 'once'.  I am glad we did it bu _ , _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _.

Scenes between rain drops:


























































































































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