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May 18, 2011

Afternoon Drive

Thousand Trails Monroe Washington















     Above is a picture of our site at the Thousand Trails Monroe, Washington which is outside the big city of Seattle but tucked against the western slope of the Cascade Mountains.  We have been in this area a couple of weeks now and for the most part we have had a lot of rain which has kept us pretty much cooped up.

     With cabin fever and itchy feet getting the best of us we took off to do something we always enjoy.  We simply jump in the car with no real destination in mind but rather just pick a direction, and then drive till we decide we are good and lost.  Once we decide we probably should return to the 'tininthewind' we ask 'Charlotte' (our GPS) to guide us to home.  We hope at this time that we have made so many turns that 'she' (Charlotte) will take us home using different roads. 

     The scenery one is privileged to behold sometimes takes your breath away and today was no exception.  When we can we try to stop and take a photo.  Sometimes we simply have to shoot through the windshield and sometimes traffic is such that we can't get a photo----but, oh well, it is for sure etched in our memory.

     Below is just a sample of todays outing.  Place your cursor over the photo for a description.




Heading West out of Marysville Washington















Lake Stevens Washington















Looking East toward Stevens Pass
















     Washington is referred to as the "Emerald Green State" and if you can put up with all the rain you will be rewarded eventually with the most beautiful scenery imaginable.  This is truly a gorgeous part of our country-----"you just have to wait for it to quit raining to see it".

May 09, 2011

Mothers Day Week-end 2011

Leavenworth WA Cascade Mts















     We arrived at Leavenworth Washington Thousand Trails RV Park deep in the woods of the Cascade Mountains on Wednesday May 4th and with much anticipation awaited the week-end (Mothers Day) and the arrival of Both our Washington Brosius Families.

     Bill, Heidi, Mason and Maddie have a new camping trailer and arrived Friday evening to camp in a nice site right across from us.  Scott, Angela, Zak, and Ellie arrived early Saturday morning and we all went in to Leavenworth for breakfast.

     The moms wanted to do a little shopping in Leavenworth.  Scott and Bill were off to the Safe Way store to get some last minute supplies, so Grandpa and the four kids took off for the RV park and some fun.

     It is so good to back in close proximity to our Boys and their families and I don't need to go in to detail about our camping week-end.  I think the pictures will speak for themselves.  Place your pointer over a picture for a description.




Begging a ride to the Playground















Scott and Bill jammin'















Fathom and Saddie enjoying camping















Played Hard All Day















Snacks were Abundant















Hanging by the Fire, more snacks















Grandpa and Grandma's little Clowns













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