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August 22, 2010

Back Yards

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     Starting our 5th year of full-timing in our home (tininthewind), we have had many back yards.  Sometimes we head for a place based on the fact that it will be a beautiful setting and the park is part of our membership groups.  Sometimes we simply stop at a given park because we are in transit heading from point A to B.  Sometimes our back yard may simply be a spot of convenience such as a Wal-mart parking lot or perhaps a welcoming spot in a Casino parking lot.  No matter the stop (back yard), we make the best of it.

     There may be neighbors to meet and greet.  There may be a beautiful mountain in the distance to go explore.  There may simply be an interesting looking side road, so why not go see where it leads.  It also may just be a place to rest from the drive, get a good nights sleep, and then the next day, travel on.

     Neither of us can think of one instance in the past 4 years that we have felt uncomfortable or fearful and wished we hadn't stopped, and that includes our two winter travels of Mexico. 

     We do not always photograph our nightly site, and now in preparing this blog, I wish we had as it would show a better composite of this lifestyle of ours. 

     I believe having the camping memberships that we do have has allowed us to keep our nightly costs to a minimum while enjoying some of the more pristine settings as we travel.  We have Thousand Trails, Coast to Coast, Resort Park International (RPI), Passport America, Escapee's, Good Sam, and of course there is always a discount for AARP if all else fails.

     We have been deep in the forest with wildlife all around us.  We have been exposed to the blazing sun in the middle of a concrete jungle, with the generator running to keep the A/C cooling.  We have been in the middle of huge fields  with staked off roads while attending rallies with hundreds of others just like us.  We have been hunkered down because the storm approaching was a doozie. 

     There has not been one time that we have looked at each other and said, "Why are we doing this".  We would not change one minute of what has become, Our Lifestyle.

     We have truly enjoyed the journey so far and look forward to many more years of seeing what is around the next corner.

     Check out the following slide show to view some of the 'Back Yards' we have had.  I regret that we did not take a picture of every one of them.


                                                             Slide Show

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