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June 12, 2007

Who needs a Trailer?

     I know in previous blog entries I have talked about and shown pictures of my toys, the bass boat and the Honda Ruckus scooter.  I looked for a picture of the carrier I had built/modified that resides on the back of the jeep but could not find one with the Ruckus scooter in position and ready to travel and with it being about 90 degree's out in the shade at the moment I will be darned if I am going to go load it for a picture, so just use your imagination.  It was primarily built to haul the scooter when we travel.

     In the past weeks my mind has been on the question of how can I transport my boat a short distance from the coach to the water when we are camped in such places as Goose Island and Blackhawk Park?  So often in our travels we will seek out RV Parks that have water but not always will we have the ability to have the little boat pulled up on the bank right behind the coach as we do most often at Blackhawk Park.


 boat at Blackhawk park












 When the scooter is in position on its carrier behind the jeep it is held in place with four straps that when tight really keep it very secure.  Remember we are using our imagination here.

     In the following photo you will see the carrier when not in use can be in an up position.  The next photo will show it in its down position ready for that imaginary scooter or whatever.  It is the whatever that is most intriguing.  It hauls the boat easily using the same straps that are used for the scooter.  I can load and handle it very easily in the configuration shown.

     Granted I would not take off to head for a boat ramp if it involved hi way travel and a lot of traffic, because of its width but if it is to get about within the RV park or a light traffic area what you see in the pictures works very nicely.  Once at the waters edge the trolling motor, seats, pole holders, battery, and other attachments are unloaded from the back of the jeep and within minutes one is ready for a few hours on the water.




carrier up















carrier down position







































































     I have been out numerous times myself and yesterday Kathleen joined me for a very enjoyable afternoon on the water.  Just as we were unloading it at the waters edge one of the cell phones rang and it was our son Scott calling to congratulate us on reaching that milestone of 42 years married.  Forty two years ago June 11th, 1965 was a special day in our lives and yesterday June 11th, 2007 was also very special.


They Didn't Forget

     I believe most everyone reading this blog knows of our circumstances of still being captive to Wisconsin, but if not, you will need to go back and get caught up with the history. 

     It had been a long time since I personally had seen the Seattle clan, and I was especially missing the "little people".  From the first time we had met, Mason, Zak, Ellie, Maddie, and me there was that special bond.  I could feel it, that love that little ones have for their Grandpa.  Now, after not getting to see them for what seemed like an eternity I was a little apprehensive, thinking perhaps that I would have to start over, to establish that connection between us. 

     On May 17th we landed at the Seattle Airport and were met almost immediately by our pilot son Scott as he had just finished up his day but a few gates away from where we had landed.  Angela (Scott's wife) would be at Bill and Heidie's house with Zak and Ellie.  Our arrival to greet Zak and Ellie was next on the agenda.  There was no need to have been apprehensive, as the hugs and kisses for Grandpa were huge.  Next it was on to a little league baseball game that Mason was playing in. 

     Mason was playing short stop when we approached the sidelines, he had not seen us, the batter hit a slow rolling grounder in his direction, he positioned in front of the ball, made a great catch and threw the runner out at first.  Wow, that can light up a grandpa!  What, no clapping or cheering for such a fine play?  I couldn't let that be, and shouted as loud as I could, "way to go Mason".  He turned to see who was praising him and the smile had to suffice for the moment as the game needed to go on.  With out number three, you would have expected Mason to head for the dugout with his team but instead it was a dead run for Grandpa.  The leap into my arms and the hug was huge.

     Heidi, the last to get off work, had picked up Maddie at day care and they too would join us.  Maddie, the youngest of the four, would surely be the one who would take a little time to warm up to this big brute called Grandpa.  Nope, not a chance, the hug was genuine and the questions were non stop!  "Did we drive our house"?  "Would we be staying a long time"?  "Wanna come push me on the swing"?

     Not to be diminished, were the warm greetings and hugs by the "big people", Scott, Bill, Heidi and Angela. 

     It is moments like this that causes one to reflect and to count the blessings!  Two Son's, that made it in life, and are now contributing in a very positive way to society.  Two beautiful, vibrant, young women who are now my daughters through marriage to my Son's, and four full of life "little people", who love their Grandpa, a Grandpa "They Didn't Forget".  I am truly Blessed!

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