Nov. 24th 2020

Here we are with typical Western Washington State Weather. F nnn miserable. Just no other way to say it. It has been virtual non stop rain, wind, showers, wind, downpours and more wind. Still being a new transplant to this part of the world I ponder how one survives months and months of this misery.

Yellowfoot (our baby/cat) is one unhappy kitty being constantly cooped up as she like her human dad likes to be outside. Her memory is short and she sits at the door and begs constantly in spite of just being let out only to get wet and immediately return through the doggy door. Me the human, has a better memory and I ain’t beggin’ to get out.

Yellowfoot and I have had a little chat and we both agree it probably best to just stay by the fireplace till some time Spring of 2021.

Through the window looking East (median filling with water)
A few feet beyond the last elec. post is the Pacific Ocean. Looking West out window.
A good place to hang out
Yellowfoot begging me “Please make it Stop Raining”

Wish I could baby, wish I could.

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