Signed, Sealed, Delivered

How does someone of age 76 and a little technically challenged appeal to others to try something that might be just a little technically challenging?  I confess, I don’t know, but I have this desire to try.  If I have not peeked your curiosity at this point, just scroll on and pay no attention to the me or the following:

Kathleen and I have spent the first half of this month binge watching a made for television series with 11 first season episodes, and then 11 more episodes that are not part of the series but were produced following an insatiable demand by the public for more.  Now, understand that these were not done yesterday but rather back around 2014 or so.  In addition they were all done for and produced for the Hallmark Channel.  I know, boring, you think.  No Sex scenes, probably pitted deep with intrigue, perhaps a tearjerker or two, love triangles, etc, etc, etc,.  You would be right.

The 22 episodes are titled, “Signed, Sealed, and Delivered”.  They are currently being shown on “Amazon Prime” and are free to watch until Jan. 31st, when I believe they will begin charging to at least watch the last 11 episodes.

My purpose for bringing this to your attention is to try and encourage anyone with a Prime Amazon Membership, a smart capable television, and the technical savvy to accomplish accessing them, to do so if you can.  I promise you, if you can get through the first three episodes of the series and then not desire to binge watch the remaining 19.  I will “eat my shirt”.  Well not really, but you get my meaning.  Those of you that neither have Prime, nor a smart capable television, or the savvy to pull it off, if you can locate this series of 22 episodes anywhere, even if you had to pay $100.00 per episode, I would recommend them highly. 

The four characters featured in each episode’s lives intertwine.  They are Oliver, Norman, Rita, and Shane.  There is a story within a story in each episode.  One of the stories is, what these four have to solve, the other story is what happens with each of their lives going forward with each episode.  I promise you, it is,  ( well, I don’t even know how to describe it ) one heck of a lot to absorb as it pulls you from one episode to the next.  I challenge you to watch all episodes.  You will not be disappointed.  I promise.

King Tides

King Tides are abnormally high tides generally accompanied by high winds and usually occur two times annually. We have just currently experienced the second king tide of the year 2020 on Dec. 14th and 15th. Click on the following link to see some amazing pictures we took.

Hope you enjoyed your look at this KING TIDE event.

Nov. 25th 2020

Air Fryer Roasted Cauliflower

Cranked up the air fryer for lunch today. In a bowl placed the cut up cauliflower, drizzled a little olive oil to coat, pinch of kosher salt, liberal sprinkle of smoked paprika, liberal sprinkle of parmesan cheese, and a few diced cloves of garlic. Popped in the air fryer at 400 degree’s for 15 minutes. Dipped in Ranch Dressing with a little hot sauce stirred in. Wow. Incredible taste.

Can you tell, I’m a little bored?

Nov. 24th 2020

Here we are with typical Western Washington State Weather. F nnn miserable. Just no other way to say it. It has been virtual non stop rain, wind, showers, wind, downpours and more wind. Still being a new transplant to this part of the world I ponder how one survives months and months of this misery.

Yellowfoot (our baby/cat) is one unhappy kitty being constantly cooped up as she like her human dad likes to be outside. Her memory is short and she sits at the door and begs constantly in spite of just being let out only to get wet and immediately return through the doggy door. Me the human, has a better memory and I ain’t beggin’ to get out.

Yellowfoot and I have had a little chat and we both agree it probably best to just stay by the fireplace till some time Spring of 2021.

Through the window looking East (median filling with water)
A few feet beyond the last elec. post is the Pacific Ocean. Looking West out window.
A good place to hang out
Yellowfoot begging me “Please make it Stop Raining”

Wish I could baby, wish I could.

Nov. 17, 2020

I think everyone would have to agree: The weather in Ocean Shores sucks for the near future. I need to get my boat covered and put away for the winter but finding a dry day is difficult. Maybe Saturday if I can get enough wind to dry it out first…….

Damon Point, King Tide
Access to drive on beach at Damon Point

The above two pictures were taken on our visit to Damon Point today.