Sad To Say ‘So Long’

The hardest thing I have had to do lately is to say good-by to the rig/boat that has given me so many memories, especially in Texas. So many people have complemented me on my boat. Its ability to get me to the fish and then safely see me back home again, will never be forgotten.

I knew from the minute I spotted this boat in Iowa and learned its history before purchasing it, that it was going to be the boat for me. Every Guide on Falcon Lake in Texas knew who was sitting in the front seat of this little ‘Mini Pontoon’ jerking fish, and they all became my friends. I will never forget the conversations and waves we shared over the years in Texas.

Pulling this little boat from Texas to Washington with the hopes of getting in years of fishing at its new home, proved lacking. After all, how can one go from catching monster Bass and limits of 2 lb crappie in Texas, to striking out time after time here in Washington, and ever hope to be enthused. It was time.

Good-by, My Friend.

So Long