"Dreams Do Come True"
We have begun our new life of leisure, retired,
full-time (
class of 2006), and following our dream.  
Explore our site and you can get a glimpse of our
previous lives and learn what it has taken to get
here.  What the pitfalls
were/are on the journey and
how dreams evolve in to reality.  We are now living
in, and excited about our future travels in our dream
"The Tin in the Wind".  We have had the
guidance and council of several "Full-Time RV
friends (you know who you are) and we thank you
from the bottom of our hearts.  Our son's and
daughters-in-law continue to be as excited as we are
and for that we are grateful.  Please join us in
following our adventures.
George & Kathleen Brosius
"not all who wander
are lost"