Our Motorhome
Awesome simply Awesome
Wade Whitmire our Salesman from
Bretz RV about to introduce us to our
new home.  We had not entered "The
Brosius Coach" yet.
I know that it is Pictures, Pictures, Pictures, that you want and that you shall have but first allow
me just a little time to explain about our being introduced to our new home.  
We ordered our Dutch Star Diesel Pusher, Ebony Exterior, Ebony Interior, from Bretz RV in
beautiful Missoula Montana.  The beauty of Missoula was quickly overshadowed when we
finally laid eye's on the Coach.  There are not enough adjectives to describe our initial
reaction, both on seeing her sitting in the lot and when we finally stepped inside.
We had worked through the details of ordering just what we wanted with a very patient and
extremely knowledgeable salesman, Wade Whitmire.  When we had a change we wanted
made, he worked with us, and the appropriate factory rep's to get it accomplished.  Wade is
known as the Newmar Expert at Bretz RV and he does not take that responsibility lightly.  
Our entire experience with all the Staff at Bretz RV was first class.  Bretz RV is no small dealer.  
There are many acres to cover if you want to look at all the RV's on display but to be honest
with you-----we saw only one.  We were so focused on our new home we truly did not take the
time to look beyond.  Everywhere we went and through every process there was a smiling face
and an offer of assistance.  I am a hard one to please, but this experience was very positive
from beginning to end.
After our initial introduction to the Coach, Wade introduced us to Matt Madsen, who would do
the entire "walk through" of all the systems and detail of everything in and about the Coach.
Matt had our undivided attention for approximately 3 hours.  He warned us that we would
probably only retain about 10% of what he was showing us but not to worry as we would have
his cell number and should call him with any questions as we went off on our own to get
acquainted with our new home.
Bretz furnished us with two days and nights in a beautiful KOA campground in Polson
Montana, about 60 miles North of Missoula.  They also furnished us with a car for our use the
entire time we were in Montana.  We judiciously used this time to not only become as familiar
as we could with the intricate systems of the coach but also time to inspect every little detail.  
We did find a few very minor things that we felt needed some attention and those items were
attended to by the technical staff before our departure back to Wisconsin.
Were there highlights to this whole experience?  You bet.  First and foremost would be the
very instant that we first laid eye's on our new home and the feeling that a long planned for
"Dream" was about to become reality.  Secondly and not far behind the first was the
presentation of a beautiful flower arrangement, sent by our sons, daughters-in-law, and
grandkids that arrived right in the middle of our "Intro Process".  The Bretz staff gave us a few
moments to regain our composure as we wiped a few tears and shared a hug.
The drive back to Wisconsin to our current Bricks & Sticks, with Kathleen handling some of the
driving went much too quickly as the ride is as
"Awesome" as the look.
Our arrival in Stoddard as we backed in the driveway was greeted by longtime friends Norm
and Jean Krause, neighbor Paul Benson, and neighbor Vicki Radtke.  Highlight of our arrival
home was a visit from close friends Brian and Jan Lee who brought a bottle of bubbly to
"christen the ship", and brought tears to us both when they presented us with a cross that had
hung in the RV of and traveled with Bob and Dorothy Lee through the many years of their
travels.  Bob and Dorothy are Brians parents and were close friends of ours.  They have both
gone to rest and we miss them greatly.  The cross will have a special place in our new home
and our hearts.
Now begins the countdown to that time when there is no schedule, no clock, no boss, etc.  I
believe that time is just around the corner.
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always