"Tin In The Wind"
George's Den
I have always wanted to have a den.  A room off in the corner of
the house.  Fixed up just for me.  A place to hang my trophies.  
One wall could contain the Trophies, another the framed pieces
of Press that followed the various accomplishments, another the
Pictures that tell the story of a man's life.

Isn't it ironic, that after all these years of living in a fairly large
house and having the room to create that den, but having never
done so, now when moving from that large house to an RV,  I
may after all be granted the wish through the marvels of the
computer and a web-site.

In sharing "
George's Den" I do so with much reservation.  My
intent is to have that room, where after putting on my slippers,
lighting my pipe, settling back in the over stuffed chair, I can
glance around the room and let the memories flow freely as I
study each object hanging on the wall, or page through the
picture albums.

What you may get from joining me in my den is unknown.  Put
your slippers on, light your pipe, there is a chair over in the
corner for you.  I'll pour us both a cup of coffee.  We will visit a
bit about "Bass Fishing", "The Tournament Trail",  building and
flying "RC-Airplanes" and whatever else fits our fancy.  
Somewhere in there is a story to be remembered.