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Winter Texans


Kathleen here,

November 17, 2013


We are at our Zapata site. The weather has been beautiful. As I write, I am aware of some very bad weather up north. I pray that none of our loved ones are in its path.

We've been out on our pontoon boat a few times. George more than I. I took a couple of photos of our little fishing trip and of the chores back here at our winter home. It's a warm day today. We are waiting for NASCAR to begin. Final race of the season.

We have been invited to a Thanksgiving dinner at the rec hall here in the park. We accepted. It's more fun to be with a crowd on that day.

We are well. We don't do much traveling around. Every few weeks we drive north to Laredo for supplies at Walmart. Other than that we stick close to home. We love our breezy "Veranda" so really don't care to go on road trips. Texas is pretty much all the same around here. The lake is slowly rising; that is good.

Following are some photos. Stay safe, warm, and out of trouble.



George mowing our lawn



















 George doin' what he loves



















Winter Texan



































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