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A Fishy Story-----Not!!!!

Our Classy Bass Boat Ride


















              March 2nd 2012 Teri (pictured by his boat) and I departed the boat landing here on Falcon Lake, Zapata Texas at 6:30 a.m. The morning already was calling for only shirt sleeves as the temp was near 70 and expected to get in to the 90's. The big 'Merc' roared to life and we were up on plane headed North up the Lake to a small arm/cove and creek channel on the Mexican side.  At 6:40 we had reached our destination and we came down off pad to begin fishing a rocky shore line with a few flooded bushes thrown in for good measure.

     We slowly fished along this shore and by 10:00 we had boated 40 quality Bass. We continued just working along this shore line and when we reached 55 Bass boated we decided that when we hit 60 we would quit.   At 1:00 we were back at the landing and loading the boat.  Sixty Bass Boated, many 6's, 5's, & 4's.  We estimate that approx. ten more jumped after being hooked, tail walked across the water and came off before being boated, and probably 10 more that came off without us getting to see them.  Thats 80 quality Bass in a relatively short period of time.

     It may be a long time before we break that total.  But, then again----maybe not.  We will probably go give it a try tomorrow.

P.S.  I am still working on boating that DD (double digit).  You will be the first to know when it happens.




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