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Pirates Invade Port Townsend















     Bob Bitchin the founder of Latitudes and Attitudes magazine and the sponsor of the boating party in Port Townsend says,"It's not all about boating, It's a whole state of mind." The magazines motto is 'the difference between an ordeal and an adventure is attitude.'



Visitors come calling





























     Here we were in Port Townsend and at the invite of Scott, Angela, Zak and Ellie we were about to participate in a different sort of "RV Rally", as this one floated on water.  We were popular from the 'git go' as Scott and family are well known among this crowd.  Scott has written numerous articles that have been published in the magazine, and Angela, known as Sailormamma, participates in some of the "sailing boards" offering advice for those sailing couples who live aboard their vessels and want to start a family.  She has been contacted by world wide knowledge seekers.  Scott, Angela, and kids were featured in a TV documentary on the water channel that dealt primarily with raising kids onboard.  As you can see above there was a steady stream of visitors to the "ghost" from some of the estimated 1500 participants, especially those with children.  Check them out,  www.ghostsailors.com




The Pearls Arrival














     As boats continued to arrive throughout the day, cannons were fired to welcome them and it wasn't long every slip was full in the harbor and where they could some rafted with others as they tied sometimes 3 deep.  In the above picture Scott has gone to assist the "Pearl" as she is backed in to her slip.  On board the Pearl is another pilot and his liveaboard family (two children), that will be joining Scott, Angela, Zak, and Ellie on their dream trip of sailing around the world in 2012.



Ellie with Treasure
















Captain John















     In the above top picture Ellie is exiting the cabin of Captain Johns boat as both Ellie and Zak say Captain John always has treasures for them when ever their paths cross and he is one of their favorites.  In the second picture is Captain John himself, a salty ol' dog to be sure but one who genuinely loves the attention that Zak and Ellie give him.  There is a side to Captain John that even a land lubber like me can appreciate.  It so happened that during the year that passed between the last party and this one, Captain Jim Ray, another ol' salty dog like himself passed away.   Captain Jim never missed a party and had left word with his family that he wanted his ashes fired from the cannons at the next one.  Captain John had prepared the packets of ashes and distributed them to the various boats throughout the harbor with cannons and at precisely noon, on Saturday August 9th, 2008 his wish was carried out.  There was not a dry eye anywhere in the entire harbor as he was a beloved 'salty dog' of them all.  We were touched as well.



America is Safe  















Kids continue to entertain















     With such a large gathering of "Pirates" it was only fitting that the U.S. Coast Guard should come to check things out.  We felt pretty safe but with their ever presents we felt even better.  The kids continued to entertain with their fishing as almost everyone stopped to see what they were catching.

     We were honored to have been included in all the festivities and found this "rally" to be just that.  There is very little difference, one travels by boat towing a dingy, while one travels with motor home pulling a "toad".  One travels with hopefully a big wind to push them along, and one travels hoping that the wind is directly on the tail to help with the fuel economy.  Space in both modes of transportation is precious.  One pays harbor slip fees (generally around $80.00 per night), one pays RV site fee's (hoping not to exceed $10.00 per night).  To avoid the fee's altogether, one simply sets anchor in a shallow wind protected bay, while the other camps out at a Walmart or a Casino parking lot.  The freedom of the open seas and the freedom of the open roads seem extremely similar.  The similarity may end there however as the bottle of "two buck chuck" (wine) that we carry is a little less costly and for sure less potent than the bottle of "grog" (rum) that these sea fairing pirates carry with them.

     Revelers will begin to sail out tonight.  Some will return to Seattle, or Portland, or Alaska.  Others will drive or fly home, since not all who came to party have a boat.  We will return to our "land yacht" and tomorrow hook up our "toad", head on down the highway to our next destination and hope that the winds will be fair and the temperature in the perfect range.  Until next time----Yo, Ho, Ho, and a bottle of "two buck chuck".


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