Summer/Fall/Winter 2005

Everything that we do is done with purpose and consideration so as to arrive at our goal.  Ready to begin
that new chapter in our lives called “Fulltiming.”

After the lightening strike on September 9th, 2005 which suddenly and unexpectedly ended our business of
“Owner Operator Trucking” I took the next six months off and became the stay at home “Chief cook and
bottle washer” as Kathleen continued her full time job and brought home the

Now that Uncle Sam has let us know through our 2005 tax obligation that all the capital gains from getting out
of business are due and payable, even though it was an act of “God” so to speak, otherwise called
lightening, we now need to help pay down the national debt.   Ouch!!!!  What a hit!!!!

It is and would be unfair for Kathleen to have to carry us financially , so with that in mind I decided I could
and should contribute.  After trying out for two weeks a unique job offer from a Millwork company in La
Crosse who actually called me and asked if I could help them out due to an injury to one of their workers I
have decided to not accept their offer.  I have instead started trucking for a long time friend of mine who
operates a small dump truck operation here in Stoddard.  I have now been on the job three days and find
the seasonal work to my liking.  I never in my life ever thought I would say this but I am looking forward to
drawing that unemployment over the winter when of course the seasonal dump truck operation ceases.  Now
“Mamma Brosius” didn’t raise “no” dummy.  Hopefully in between ice fishing, and cashing that unemployment
check, over the winter I can get many things accomplished  toward our future goal.

My reading and research of others who have already done what we plan to accomplish by going “Fulltime”
shows that there are two approaches to what to do with the current dwelling.  Some are comfortable with
selling immediately.  Others tend to want to hang on to the homestead for at least a year, just to be sure that
the RV lifestyle will work out.  Of those who do hang on for that year usually 99.9% end up selling and are
very happy with their new “digs.”   I guess we have decided that we will hang on to our current home for at
least a year.  That decision has been an easy one as we are fortunate to have a delightful young couple,
our nephew and his lovely bride who would like to house sit for us and explore the possibility of living in this
area.  Just knowing that our place is in good hands will make our 1st year of RV living and traveling go much
smoother than if we had to worry about pipes freezing and yard work to do.

The clock is ticking and we will continue to go forward with purpose and consideration for all that is yet to be
accomplished.  There is much to be done but little by little we are gaining on it.
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always