February 2006

No turning back now!!!  Our new dream home was ordered on Feb. 14th 2006 (Valentines Day).  We
have ordered a three slide Newmar 40' Diesel Pusher.  Pictures and details will be posted as they become
available under "Motor home" on our home page.  After spending the greater part of January and early
part of February establishing the spec's and conducting a bidding process for it,   the order finally went to
Bretz RV out of Missoula Montana,
www.bretzrv.com.  We are expecting to take delivery in early April and
will fly to Missoula to be introduced to our new home and will then return with it to Wisconsin to continue
with our full time lifestyle preparations.

Kathleen continues to work hard at her job as an Archaeologist at the University of La Crosse but has
given her notice and will be retiring July 1st.

Together we have accomplished much this month.  Do to a hitch with establishing our LLC (limited liability
corporation), in the State of Montana for purposes of registering and licensing our MH, we have decided
to sell our current "real-estate" in Wisconsin now, rather than wait a year as was earlier planned.  
Fortunately two of the dearest people in our lives, Joe and Jill May, understand our need to change
direction and were graciously accepting of our change in plans. We will then have only our "wheel-estate"
and boy are we looking forward to that.

We are working hard to complete projects in and around our Stoddard home to get it ready for sale, which
we plan to begin in April.  We are boxing, sorting, separating, scanning, shredding, selling on e-bay,
donating to charity, giving away, and agonizing over, everything that has become a part of our life in the
35 years of living in this house.  
Wow what a job!!!  Our kids should be celebrating.  Won't it be easy to
just move us from the MH to a nursing home?
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always