March 2006

Preparation in and around the house continue at fevered pace.  Most remodeling projects have been
completed and only a little painting and minor touch ups remain.  We may make it yet.  Kathleen has
made contact with an auctioneer and he will be paying us a visit in a couple of weeks to discuss an
auction that we are preparing for some time in June/July.  We will be getting a dumpster set in the
driveway outside the garage as we go through a zillion items in our garage we will be able to dispose of a
lot that really would not be saleable at auction.

We have chosen South Dakota as our state of Domicile and have begun the process of becoming
residents.  We are using "Mailbox-America" out of Rapid City S.D. to establish our address and forward
our mail on to us as needed.  We will qualify to become residents of S.D. when we spend one night in
their state at a campground.  That will then allow us to change our vehicle registration and license to
S.D., apply for our voter registration card, get our drivers licenses, etc.
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always