Sept/Oct 2006

Hard to believe it has been 11/2 months since our auction.  At that time we moved the coach from our
stick home driveway to an RV park (Goose Island) and are now full-time in our new "wheel-estate".

One and a half months is hardly a long enough test to be totally conclusive but if the ensuing months are
half what our first experiences have been we will be "Happy Campers."  Pardon the Pun.

We spent a week or so at Goose Island and then moved to Gays Mills Wisconsin to be within about 7
miles of where I am working.

We have been parked in Gays Mills very small village park which is located next to a dam on the Kickapoo
River.  The flow of the river and its course form a sort of horseshoe shape and the park sits within the
horseshoe, with water on three sides.

I can't begin to describe how beautiful this setting is so I hope you can get a feel for the location through
looking at the pictures.  There are three power boxes strategically located so as to provide power (20
amp) for six rigs and with all six rigs in position it would be cozy to say the least.  We have had the entire
park to ourselves most of the time. Occasionally on week-ends we will have a rig or two for company,
(small campers), but come Sunday evening they usually pull out.

On the third week-end in September the little village of Gays Mills, (652 population) grows to several
thousand as they host their annual "Apple Festival".  The area is known for its many apple orchards.  We
had been warned that our little pristine spot in the park would for that week-end become very crowded.  
We discussed leaving for the week-end of the "Apple Festival" and staying elsewhere but ultimately
decided to stay and are we ever glad we did!

Remember, I mentioned there was room for six rigs and it would be cozy?  Well, as the pictures will show
we had 20 plus rigs and that does not count the tent campers who found a small flat spot around the
edges.  Every plug-in outlet was taken and people were piggy backing off of each other as they couldn't
easily reach an outlet.  In the end it worked out and everyone including us had all the power needed.  We
took part in the week-end festivities and thoroughly enjoyed the people around us and the week-end in

This little community has a first class restaurant.  An award winning "meat" market, a very nice
laundromat, a library, a barber shop, (I got an excellent hair cut there), an auto repair garage, (had work
done on our tow-vehicle), two filling stations, a couple of taverns, several churches, a swimming pool, and
several specialty shops.  We were made to feel very welcome and we will return.  Oh, did I mention the
cost for our electrical site was $7.00 per night!

My mom (83 years young) spent a couple of the week-ends with us and had a good time fishing  50 feet
from our front door.  She caught several fish on both outings and grumbled a little when I encouraged her
to throw them back.  She reminded me in a gentle way that she likes to keep what she catches!  I wasn't
too keen on having red-horse suckers for supper!

We were visited one Sunday for breakfast by Norm and Jean Krause, long time Stoddard friends.

We will be moving now to Goose Island campground just south of La Crosse, Wisconsin.  We will depart
from there for Seattle and our grand kid fix on or around October 28th.  We have some business to take
care of on our trip out to Seattle and I will comment more on that in a future posting.