Oct/Nov 2006

Wow!  What changes a few weeks make.  Since I last posted our progress a lot has changed.  Many of
you know the details but some of you may not.  Things were winding down for us.  Kathleen was enjoying
her retirement and I was but days away from getting to experience mine.  I had completed my medical
physical and Kathleen was scheduled to have hers completed just before we were to leave for the North

On examination Kathleen's Dr. detected a breast lump and scheduled a mammogram to check things
out.  Since she has a mammogram on an annual basis it was felt that this would probably be a cyst.  A
cyst it was not.  The lump was suspicious enough on mammography to warrant biopsy and unfortunately
the biopsy was positive for breast cancer.

An immediate plan was  discussed and put in to action.  There are many care givers involved and we had
options to consider and feel confident that we have ultimately chosen the plan that will bring the best
outcome---(that being total cure).

The road is not an easy one.  There is 6 months of chemo, followed by 1 month that will include surgery
and recovery from that, then approx. 1 month of radiation.  All in all we are looking at about 8 months of
being captive to the Hospital/Clinic atmosphere, before resuming our planned travels.

We have been fortunate to find a "trailer court" in the area that was willing to rent a space to us and hook
us up as if we were a trailer.  All water lines have been heat taped, electric, & sewer connected.  I did a
little extra insulating but for the most part we believe we will winter quite well in our beautiful Dutch Star.  

We have been blessed to have received a lot of e-mail from you all assuring us that we are in your
prayers and or thoughts and that is very comforting to us.  

It is unlikely that we will use this web-site to do a play by play progress report and suggest that those of
you who wish to be in the know, to please e-mail us, as we would love to hear directly from you from time
to time.

Now for some really exciting news!!!!!

We had known for several months that Kathleen would be the recipient of a very prestigious award from
the Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center.  This award the, James P. Gallagher Award is presented
annually to someone in the Mid West who is recognized for providing outstanding service and leadership
related to the field of Archaeology.

We had thought that we would be in the Seattle area when this presentation was to take place and had
discussed that most likely Kathleen would fly back to receive it, but as you have read we are still in the
area.  In spite of the fact that we would rather be in a warmer setting or hugging the day lights out of our
grand kids, it was a treat that I was able to be here to take part in Kathleen receiving this award.

The presentation speech by Dr. Jim Gallagher himself was a step back in time to the 1980's when he and
Kathleen met as she was just someone who had an interest in amateur Archaeology, to the present
having just retired from her work as the "Lab Manager", as a professional Archaeologist, at the
Mississippi Valley Archaeology Center/University Wisconsin/La Crosse.

It is a shame that Dr. Gallagher's speech was not recorded as it in an of itself would have made a fine
tribute to Kathleen on these pages.  Kathleen's acceptance speech given unrehearsed, from the heart
was well done.

Since I am the one writing this and the one who witnessed the gala event I can tell you all that I felt
immense pride in her accomplishments but especially in what her years as an Archaeologist have meant
to so many Students, Professional Colleagues , the University, and the Field of Archaeology in general.  
Congratulations Kathleen!
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always