Nov/Dec 2006

News with our last posting was that we would be hunkering down in Wisconsin for the winter to deal with
our medical emergency and hunkered down we are.  The weather through all of this winter, at least
through this last week in December has been very mild and we are grateful for that.  Our little home has
been comfortable, warm, inviting, and just what the Dr. ordered for someone who needs to rest and

When we had our stick home we usually had a tree decorated for Christmas but didn't go all out on
outside lights and or decorations but we decided this year to do some special decorating with our motor
home and we have it looking pretty nice.  We have enjoyed the lights and keep them lit at night for others
to enjoy should they drive by.

Our adopted community of West Salem has been very good to us.  The two people who own the trailer
court here, Rich and Carlotta, have been such nice hosts.  They check on us often to be sure we are
wintering OK.  Dewey and Mary Crocker, (our youngest sons in-laws), live less than a mile up the road
and we get together with them often.  The local high school has a fitness room and a walking track and
for $15 per month we can take advantage of its use for several hours each day, and we do!  At the edge
of town near the interstate is a new "America Inn" motel and Sunday through Thursday they allow use of
the Sauna, Hot tub, and pool for $4 per visit.  I personally take advantage of that offer and most often
have it totally to myself.  Our close Stoddard friends, Norm and Jean Krause, get together with us often
and we always enjoy their company.  Our neighbors here in the park are warm, friendly, and concerned
for our well being when the temperature drops.  Did I mention, that their are a bunch of good restaurants
near by and I think we have been to them all.

Christmas this year was special as technically we were not expected to be here.  My brother put on a
good Christmas dinner and hosted mom, my sister Barb and her husband Lonny, Kathleen and Me.  It
was a nice family get together that was not supposed to have been.

Kathleen and I usually are quite practical when it comes to spending money on each other for Christmas
but this year Kathleen went all out and treated me to something beyond belief.  She bought for me a
new bass boat".  I am really excited about it  and will report fully on it when I am able to use it this
Spring and Summer.  Want to see a picture of it?  Click on it to enlarge.

I am going to use a trolling motor on it but it is capable of being used with a small 3 hp motor.  I think the
trolling motor will serve my purposes as I like the idea of traveling silently along so as to get some nice
pictures in between rests from fishing.  When collapsed and folded up it all fits nicely in the basement of
the motor home.   I am like a kid in a candy store waiting for the seasons to change so I can put it to use.  
Until then I will just use my imagination!
Kathleen and I wish you all a Very Happy, Healthy, and Adventure filled New Year!
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always