Another Wisconsin winter is not what we wanted to do!  We would have traded almost anything to have
been able to just pack it up and head South where it was warm and all those shorts we had bought could
have been put to good use, but alas, as you all know that was not to be. Now in retrospect we cannot
imagine not having the experiences that we had for these three months.

We experienced brutal temperatures, a record breaking snowfall, more snow for a season than we have
experienced in a long time, and the challenge of starting a new life style in a smaller space than we had
been used to.

Brutal Temperatures.  We did have a significant problem with the failure of two different furnace blower
motors, about one month apart. We are currently on our third blower motor and it is sounding sick.  Not to
worry as I have the replacement on hand. (We will have the entire furnace replaced on our factory warranty
visit in April).  Had it not been for the furnace failures we would be shouting to the roof tops how easy it was
to stay toasty warm in our new little house.  

Record Breaking Snowfall.  The record breaking snowfall was 24" here in West Salem over a couple of
days. Then after digging out and a short break we got about another 6".

More Snow for a Season.  There were piles everywhere. I will let the pictures in the slide show tell the
story.  Be sure to click on the silver bullet at the end of this post!

Challenge.  We continue to be amazed at how well we have adapted to our new home. It sure is smaller
than we had been used to but we do not miss the vast space we had in our stick home.  We have
everything we need and I don't need to tell you how close at hand it is. We are very happy with our new
home. The requirement of us to stay put for the time being while we dealt with medical issues has not
allowed us to really experience our new life style but we had opportunities to get a small taste of it when we
took some winter drives and got some fantastic pictures of Nature at its finest.

I did manage to get back in the kitchen and try my hand at baking.  While Kathleen napped I made some
chocolate chip cookies and a couple loaves of bread.  Yummmmmmmmmm.  
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always