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Falcon Lake Launch Sites

     It's not funny, but rather practical at 73 years of age to tell ones Spouse where you are launching for fishing here on Falcon Lake.  Info included can be who you are going with or who is going with you or are you going alone.  Before I hook the boat up or take off for the outing I let Kathleen know.  Today I may go out of the 'Horse Pasture', Tomorrow I may go out of the 'Beacon'.  If it is going to be a really low wind day I may head out from the 'State Park Landing' or if it's windy I'll put in at the '$50.00 Spot' or perhaps the 'County Landing'. 

     The big Bass Boat crowd have only a couple of launch sites, especially when the lake is low like it is now.  It is 39 feet low as we speak.  Choices for the big boats are, State Park Landing if you can dump off the bank ( 4 wheel advised) or the county landing.  Me, regardless of the water level I can launch at them all.  Gotta love my small boat, and I do.  My favorite's are the Horse Pasture, or the $50.00 Spot.


Random Photo's

     Bass Fishing Partners Boat ( Foy Green )


















     Horse Pasture

















     Horse Pasture Launch Site


















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