The Lily Pad and the Frog
The Lily Pad and the Frog

Once upon a time in a pond over there
On a lily pad floated, a flower so rare

Its petals shimmered, as it reached for the sky
Delicate velvet curving inward, a baby doth lie

A pink cherub so sweet, with eyes so blue
Tiny fingers and toes, a red smile damp with dew

This child who hides beneath petals so white
Not a whimper is made, as it waits for the night.

Then a fairy will peek at the sleeping wee thing
She’ll kiss the soft cheek and a melody she’ll sing

Not far from the babe, on another small pad
A young frog watches this day; he is so glad.

You see, this little frog has waited so long
He’s dreamed of a princess; he’ll sing his love

Her kiss will transform him to a handsome young
And together they will dream and their future they
will plan.

By Kathleen M. Brosius  2015