"Tin In The Wind"
I think today it finally hit me that we really are doing this.  You can plan, you can discuss, you can
research, etc, etc, etc, but there has to be something that finally is
the catalyst which convinces you that
yes, you really are going to do this.
Ya, we bought the toad, the jeep grand cherokee, kind of the cart before the horse thing and that really
wasn't the catalyst, but today we sold the old 1990 Black and Gold Chevrolet Suburban, and for the first
time It has hit me like a ton of bricks.  A huge piece of me, part of the history of that guy who chased all
over the country pulling that Black and Gold Bass Boat that matched the Suburban is now gone.  The
membories of course are not gone, but the physical part, the Suburban itself is gone.
The guy who bought it is a young man who comes from a local family that Kathleen and I have known for as
long as we have lived in Stoddard.  He now lives in North Carolina but returns to this area each year to
hunt the "home place" with his brothers.  He saw the Suburban with its "For Sale" sign in the window while
home for a visit last week and after returning to North Carolina decided to call and ask one of his brothers
to call and make a deal with me for purchase.  I was told by the brother that the new owner intends to use it
for the seven days of hunting season for deer, then store it on his fathers farm till the next season, and on
and on until I suppose one year it will run no more.
Not a bad way for that Black and Gold Chevrolet Suburban to finish out its life.  Heck, how many mornings
did Kathleen, the boys, and I, load our hunting gear in the back and head for the hills.  That four wheel
drive came in handy many times as we plowed our way through the snow to reach our stands on opening
day.  Go in piece my friend, you served us well.

A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always