"Tin In The Wind"
RC Hobby
How it all started I really do not remember.  We had purchased our home in Stoddard and I
had always had an interest in planes and flying.   At this point in my life I had a real pilots
license and had owned 1/10th of a share in a very nice Cessna 172.  Having moved from
Minneapolis to La Crosse, and then to Stoddard I had given up my ownership and rarely flew
rental planes so I guess my attention turned to a little less expensive hobby, "the RC Models."
You will notice many of the pictures depict a wintery scene.  Living as we did with the
Mississippi at our back door provided one of the most wide open "runways" anyone could
hope for.  We had a restored "chicken coop" which we called "the hanger" that had two
rooms, both nicely heated with a small wood stove.  The boys, Scott and Bill, had one room
and I the other, and build planes we did.  Sure, we crashed a few too!
I think the boys would agree that it was one of the highlights of growing up to have spent so
many hours in "the hanger".  I know I will never forget it.