"Tin In The Wind"
Life's Other Interests
It seems like eons ago but our trips to
the Great Lakes Region, specifically,
Lake Michigan, with our own boat,
completely rigged for deep trolling for
Salmon, was a unique chapter in life.
I was the captain of the ship, but for
sure my son Scott was the first mate.  
Scott seemed to take to the Salmon
Fishing like Bill my youngest son took to
the RC aircraft hobby.
Many times Scott's best friend Joel
Benson from Stoddard would travel with
us for what was usually a long
week-end.  They fished hard but at
their ages and good looks at the time
the interest in girls was ever present.  
It was not uncommon during the years
that we pursued Salmon Fishing to
catch 200 lbs of Salmon a day.  The
fish generally were between 20 to 28
lbs each, and fighting doubles was a
real challenge  out of our small boat.
We had an older wood hull Thompson
Boat with an I/O and generally ran four
downriggers at various depts.  J-Plugs
were the bait of choice, sometimes
running flashers in front of them for an
attractant.  We did run some side
boards for trout from time to time.
With the rocking of the boat it was hard
for me to tie on lures or tend to detail.  
Scott was never bothered by sea
sickness and so he was the go to guy.
Can't you just hear the call  
"Fish On"
Captain Scottie
Lady Killers Scott & Joel
Joel Benson
Continue the Journey
Dennis Bodoh & George
The "Stoddard Oldtimers".  I believe
one had to attain the ripe old age of 35
to join.  Our rival team was the "Genoa
Oldtimers":  We had many a good
game and entertained the local
communities on many a warm summer