July 2006

Some days time seems to stand still.  Some days you stand back and wonder where did this day go!  Some
days your emotions are benign.  Some days those emotions are tearing you in multiple directions.  
Unfortunately the two of us don't seem to be on the same page at the same time with our emotions but
fortunately as two lovers/best friends we respect each others feelings at any given moment and tend to
give each other the time and space to work through it.  A life changing event such as we are preparing for,
no matter the planning and preparations, is a huge mountain to climb.  

Our home sale is on track and our closing is set for July 31st at 1:00.  We have had recent contact with the
buyers and take away from that contact that they are pleased with their decision to purchase our Stoddard
home.  Honoring their request to keep public knowledge of who, what, why, when, and where at this point to
a minimum, I cannot discuss some of the details.

The time line of how the upcoming days/months should unfold is as follows:  Kathleen's official retirement
date is September 5th, however with accrued vacation time she will probably be finished in Mid August.   
Even though we are closing on the house July 31st the buyers are allowing us to stay as long as we like
and take our time with our transition into our new home, The Brosius Coach.  We are planning our auction
for an evening of one of the days in the last week of August.  A couple days prior to the auction I will move
the coach from the driveway to a more suitable location.  Our youngest son, Bill, will fly home around
September 1st.  He and Kathleen will drive a u-haul from Stoddard to Bill's home in Seattle carrying the few
treasures that one can just not part with, and those items that the boys and their families would like to
make part of their lives.  Since after the auction there will be nothing left in the house we will move in to the
coach and officially begin that new chapter in our lives.

We have began in earnest to get the coach ready for its new occupants.  Pictures and treasured items are
finding their place and making each time we enter it feel more like home.  Each time we make a week-end
get away with the coach we become more familiar and comfortable with its awesome features.
basement and what will travel with us has been organized and there is still a lot of room.  
Maybe I will be
able to get that boat in there after all.

I still plan to continue working the quarry job till lay-off some time in November so Kathleen will be the only
one practicing "full retirement" through September, October, & November.  We have some exciting plans
for where we will "roost" and what we will do during this pre lay-off time.  The details of all of that will make
for some interesting future posts.  
Stay tuned!!
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always