What Goes Around Comes Around
As a father I remember those times as my boys grew from baby's to youngster's to
adolescents to teens to adults.  All fathers remember the bar of soap plugging the toilet,
the toilet paper unfurled throughout the house.  The crayon marks on the walls, the
puncture in the baseboard from a speeding tricycle.  The swallowed penny, the BB hole
in the garage window, etc.
Now as I go from that father era where as I recall, I took it all in stride and no doubt did
express a little anger from time to time as I disciplined, to the grandfather era where I
revel in hearing about my boys having to deal with much the same with their children.
It is rare that one has the documentation of
"what goes around comes around" to
smile about, but the following two photo's definitely make me smile.
This is my son Bill some 35 yrs ago
when he was approximately 2 yrs
This is Bill's daughter Maddie at
two years of age!
Now this Grandpa can only Smile!
A little drop of "Ol' Man River" with us always