Nov. 24th 2020

Here we are with typical Western Washington State Weather. F nnn miserable. Just no other way to say it. It has been virtual non stop rain, wind, showers, wind, downpours and more wind. Still being a new transplant to this part of the world I ponder how one survives months and months of this misery.

Yellowfoot (our baby/cat) is one unhappy kitty being constantly cooped up as she like her human dad likes to be outside. Her memory is short and she sits at the door and begs constantly in spite of just being let out only to get wet and immediately return through the doggy door. Me the human, has a better memory and I ain’t beggin’ to get out.

Yellowfoot and I have had a little chat and we both agree it probably best to just stay by the fireplace till some time Spring of 2021.

Through the window looking East (median filling with water)
A few feet beyond the last elec. post is the Pacific Ocean. Looking West out window.
A good place to hang out
Yellowfoot begging me “Please make it Stop Raining”

Wish I could baby, wish I could.

Nov. 19, 2020

Having started this new blog, I am struggling somewhat with the memory part of reaching the age of 76 this coming March. I struggle most with trying to remember how to do things on the computer or for that matter accomplishing a task only to forget tomorrow what I learned today, but I intend to plod along.

I mentioned earlier that I blogged our travels in our RV over the last 13 years and have those adventures archived on our web site under the heading “Blog of Tininthewind Adventures”, also called “Journal of Tininthewind” Here is the link to that Journal:

Our adventures over those years of travel now that I look back on them were blogged examples of a retirement life of two very adventurous people, (Kathleen and I). We did things that most people would never consider doing. Taking a $200,000.00 dollar RV completely paid for a thousand miles down in to Mexico so as to sit out the North American Winter in comfort on the beaches of Puerto Viarta, Mexico in the small towns of LaPenita, and Lo Demarcos.

If you have the time I would encourage you to click the link above and then seek out the winter months of 2008 and 2009 both starting with September of each year. The postings during the September to February time frame will give you a real flavor for the memories along with all the pictures to accompany each post.

Last night I took that trip down memory lane and say to myself as I write this blog, “Did we really do all that”?

Mazatlan Mexico, Stop on way to La Penita, Mexico
Mazatlan Mexico, Stop on way to La Penita Mexico
Beach just a short walk from our La Penita RV Park
Our RV site for Winter Stay in La Penita Mexico year 2008
La Penita RV Park (Kathleen) winter 2008
Chapala, Mexico Beach

I close this blog with the picture above titled Chapala, Mexico Beach. Chapala is a small Mexico beach town about 30 minutes from our Winter stay in La Penita, Mexico. There is a very interesting story about this town and that I will save for another blog.

Nov. 18, 2020

Had a surprise call from two of my fishing buddies from Zapata, Texas. I am sitting in Ocean Shores with the temp at 40 degree’s and they are calling me while out in the boat on Falcon Lake fishing and it is in the 80’s. Talk about rubbing it in.

They were calling to tell me that they think a rental is available in their RV park of a park model. Kathleen and I have talked about the possibility of maybe heading down to Zapata, TX for the months of Dec. and Jan. just to get out of this dismal raining weather of Ocean Shores. I could leave today, but Kathleen is not on board with it at all. The two friends, Jim (Grizzly), and Terry will be getting back to me with the details if they still exist. Then it will be decision time. LOL.


Jim (Grizzly)
Jim (Grizzly)


These are the two fishing buddies pictured above that gave me the call this a.m. Man we had some memories.

Nov. 17, 2020

I think everyone would have to agree: The weather in Ocean Shores sucks for the near future. I need to get my boat covered and put away for the winter but finding a dry day is difficult. Maybe Saturday if I can get enough wind to dry it out first…….

Damon Point, King Tide
Access to drive on beach at Damon Point

The above two pictures were taken on our visit to Damon Point today.