To Do It All Again ?????

I have been thinking a lot lately about if I could do it all again would I do it the same or would I have perhaps been better off following a different dream?

I wanted early retirement after stumbling through a couple different careers, so at age of 60 I decided to act upon the dream of buying an RV, selling all assets, including out beloved river home, and becoming a traveling nomad in the RV. It took a lot to convince my life partner that we should do it.

Our two boys, now settled in their own lives and families, had took up residence many miles from the old home stomping grounds, and therefore the decision was somewhat easy.

Off we went, wheeling that beautiful Motor Home all over the North American Continent, Canada, and Mexico. A different backyard on any day that we decided to move, as for the most part we followed that perfect temperature of 72 degree’s.

I couldn’t even conceive of recanting all the beautiful adventures we had. It would take up someone’s entire computer memory if I were to post every back yard we were so lucky to witness. The friends we made and then catalogued while hoping that our paths one day would cross again.

Now with all that behind us. The RV sitting on the second of consignment lots, still unsold, and we seemingly in limbo residing in a place that keeps us comfortable, warm, dry and very bored, and wondering === should we have followed a different dream?

I am hoping that second guessing myself at this stage of my life is normal and that trying to figure out what a different dream would have looked like is OK. Thinking it through, I do believe the choice of dream to follow was correct, as I have only, through memory breached the very beginning. As each past chapter tip toes through my brain, I sometimes see myself sitting in that beach chair, with margarita in hand, on some south sea island, watching my life partner frolicking in the wash of the sea.

Dreams are worth having, aren’t they?

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