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Forced R & R

doing the r & r thing
















      We finished with the gate we were supplying security for and got forced in to some unplanned R & R.  I better explain, huh?


     While on duty near the end of our time on the Q-Ballard Gate, my ticker wasn't going tick-tock just right.  It was traveling along more like a Nascar Race, beating very fast and a bit erratic.  I suspected that my heart was in some sort of fibrillation or flutter as I had experienced that a couple years ago while working security and had a same day hospital visit to shock my heart back in to the correct mode of tickin', then came right back to the gate and finished the job.  This time, I went to see the same Cardiologist in Pleasanton, Texas and he confirmed that my suspicions were correct.  I had converted back to "atrial flutter".  I could either be shocked back to normal rhythm or go to the big hospital in San Antonio and have a new procedure called "Ablation" (google it if you want), and there would be a 95% chance that after corrected I would not have any further trouble in the future.  Long story short I went for it.  Thus the heading "Forced R & R".

     We decided to drive a couple hours a few days post surgery to a nice RV park called Sea Wind which is located just south of Corpus Christi, Texas on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico.  I needed to R & R for a week and then have a follow up appointment.  That appointment is scheduled for this coming Wednesday and if pronounced fit to travel we will immediately start heading North and our normal routine.  I suspect all is well as I feel fine.

     While here I did relax some but also managed to detail the outside of the coach and Kathleen has been very busy cleaning and detailing the inside.  We are pleased with our results.


     Following are a few more pictures from the park and area surrounding.


































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